Marvel Universe – 4/1/12

Welcome to the first edition of the Marvel Animation block on Disney XD.  There are two episodes of Ultimate Spider-man, and they are titled “Great Power” and “Great Responsibility.”  In both episodes, Spider-man has to fight off the Frightful Four, while considering an offer from Nick Fury.  Today’s episode of Avengers:  Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is titled “The Private War of Doctor Doom,” and includes Doom attacking the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.

Ultimate Spider-man – “Great Power”
Spider-man is flying through the city, talking about his life when he saves a police car.  He then spots the Trapster, who he’s faced 3 times in the year he’s been Spider-man.  Spider-man easily takes care of him.  The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier arrives, and Nick Fury wants to have a talk with him.  Fury tells Spider-man that he’s not being careful enough when dealing with villains, and is acting like a careless rookie.  Fury offers to help him out, but Spider-man says no.  Fury then tells Peter Parker to reconsider.  We get a quick rundown of the origin story.  Fury tells him that they can help him become the ultimate Spider-man.  Spider-man still declines.  Norman Osborn is speaking with someone that looks like Doc Ock, and tells him that Spider-man is the key to creating a super army.  Peter Parker is at school, and we get quick rundowns of Mary Jane, Harry Osborn, and Flash Thompson.  During lunch, there’s an explosion in the cafeteria.  The Frightful Four (Wizard-high tech gadgets, Claw-sound waves, Thundra-warrior woman from alt dimension, Trapster) came to the school because they’ve heard that Spider-man attends the school.  Peter speaks up, but they don’t believe that he could be Spider-man.  They torture him to make an example out of him.  Peter says he’ll talk, but he just starts a food fight amongst everyone.  He sneaks off to become Spider-man, and realizes that he had a tracking device on him.  Wizard reports to Dr. Octavious that the Frightful Four have engaged Spider-man, and they can get a profile on him.  Spider-man fights them off, but they run away when the cops arrive.  Harry was knocked out when he got caught by one of Claw’s sound wave blasts.  On the news, J. Jonah Jameson claims that Spider-man led the attack on the school.  Peter goes home and we get a quick rundown of Aunt May.  Peter visits Harry at the hospital and finds out that he’ll be fine.  Back at home, he realizes that he forgot a cake to commemorate Uncle Ben’s birthday.  This, combined with the stuff at the school convinces him that he needs Fury’s help.  So, he goes to the Helicarrier, and sets off the security systems.  Eventually, Fury shuts it off.

Ultimate Spider-man – “Great Responsibility”
Spider-man is going through a training program for SHIELD to test his skills.  Iron Fist, Nova, Power Man, and White Tiger were watching him, commenting on how he was doing.  Spider-man finishes fighting off the robots, and then has a parachute test, meaning that he was dropped out the bottom of the Helicarrier.  Norman Osborn asks Dr. Octavius for the surveilence images of Spider-man.  Peter drops off some homework for Harry, and then meets up with Mary Jane at school.  She talks to him about how she wants to discover who Spider-man is.  Spider-man goes back to the Helicarrier, where Fury introduces him to Dr. Kurt Conners.  Agent Coulson questions Fury’s judgement on bringing Spider-man in.  Spider-man questions the need for him to have a cycle, but they explain to him that it’ll be faster than using the expensive webbing, and less physically stressful.  He takes it for a test drive, and ends up driving out of the Helicarrier.  Fury contacts him and explains what to do to control the cycle and not die.  Hilarious hijinks ensue, but he’s saved by Iron Fist, White Tiger, Power Man, and Nova.  Back on the Helicarrier, Spider-man tells Coulson that doesn’t want to be part of a team.  Fury tries to convince him to stay, but Spider-man says he down’t want to take a chance getting others hurt.  He’s thinking on the side of a building when the Frightful Four ambushes him.  The four heroes from before rescue him again.  Together, they take down the Frightful Four.  Spider-man tells Fury that he will join him.  Back at school, Peter has to deal with Flash when he’s saved by his new classmates Luke Cage (Power Man), Danny Rand (Iron Fist), Sam Alexander (Nova), and Ava Ayala (White Tiger).  Peter goes to the principal’s office, only to find that Agent Coulson is the principal.

Avengers:  Earth’s Mightiest Heroes -“The Private War of Dr. Doom”
Dr. Doom’s assistant goes through the Avengers line-up, detailing their strengths and threat level.  Hawkeye opens the door to find Johnny Storm and the Thing, coming over to hang out.  Hulk sees Thing and attacks him.  Iron Man and Wasp visit Sue Storm and Reed Richards.  Iron Man fills Reed in on Asgard, while Wasp does the same with Sue.  Back at the mansion, Johnny Storm, Hawkeye, Hulk, Thing, Black Panther, and Captain America are playing poker.  Hulk attacks Thing again after he wins.  (Satellite cut out for a bit right here.)  There was an explosion in Reed’s lab, caused by some robots.  All four people fight off the robots.  Reed says they belong to Dr. Doom.  The same robots are attacking Avengers Mansion.  The Thing fills Captain America in on who Dr. Doom is, but Black Panther cautions Captain America that this doesn’t seem like something Doom would do.  Suddenly, the robots stopped attacking.  Iron Man tracks Wasp’s signal to realize that her and Wasp have been captured by Doom.  Reed stays to deal with the bombs the robots have set up, while Iron Man flies off after them.  Iron Man tries to save them but fails.  He sees a large explosion in the city.  He flies back to find that everything is okay.  Everyone tries to figure out the best way to rescue them without causing an international incident.  Wasp and Sue wake up inside spherical cells.  Wasp tries to insult Doom, but he puts her down.  Human Torch, and a group in an Avengers Quinjet are detected, but they are attacked and leave.  Doom discovers Iron Man and Black Panther inside his base.  Once found, Iron Man calls in everyone else.  The Avengers and Fantastic Four subdue Doom’s forces, but he stops fighting them.  Doom releases Wasp and Sue Storm and tells them to leave since they are trespassing on Latverian soil.  So, everyone goes home.  Iron Man and Reed try to figure out what Doom could have possibly wanted with Sue and Wasp, to only just let them go.  Back in Latveria, Doom is looking at an image of Wasp and Sue Storm.  The Sue Storm image turns into a Skrull.

Short Segments

  • What Would It Take:  Morgan talks with an expert about the art of slack lining.
  • Fury Files:  Hawkeye.  Real name:  Clint Barton.  Trained by villains, but changed his life.  He has no special powers, just a keen eye, and steady hands.
  • Marvel Master Class:  Joe Quesada shows Morgan (Disney XD host) how to draw the Hulk.  While drawing, Quesada explains some of the histroy of the Hulk.
  • Marvel Mash-Up featuring the Hulk.
  • Marvel Mash-Up featuring Dr. Doom, Spider-man, and Iceman.

Overall, I liked Ultimate Spider-man.  Yes, it got a little silly at times, but Spider-man is someone that you can do that with, and not really lose anything.  Part of me does wish that they would have started at the beginning.  Yes, most people probably knows his origin story, but it’d be nice to see this particular take on it played out.  Let us watch him grow and become Spider-man.  Then after a little bit of time, have Fury contact him.  I’m certain everything will work out fine, but it just seems like missed opportunity.  Now that you’ve skipped it, there’s no going back later to cover this part of the character.  I’m alright with making Iron Fist, Power Man, and Nova all younger.  Stan Lee has a re-occurring role as the eccentric Stan the Janitor.

Luckily, I watched all of the first season of Avengers on Netflix before watching this premiere.  And this episode picks up right where season 1 ended.  For those that may have forgotten, season 1 ended with Captain America being replaced as a Skrull.  And now it looks as if Sue Storm and Wasp have been replaced or are going to be replaced.  I think there is great promise in a “Secret Invasion” storyline, if it’s done correctly.  So, they should build it up as they are doing, but don’t draw things out too much once shit hits the fan.  There was an hilarious moment while they were fighting robots that Hulk picks up Thing by a foot, and swings him into the robots.

The short segments were hit and miss with me.  The Fury Files and Marvel Master Class were nice, informative segments.  The What Would It Take segment was really pointless.  The point was to show what it would take to be a superhero, but they didn’t really show anything related to any hero.  I thought the Marvel Mash-ups are stupid.  I thought they were stupid when they were just on YouTube.

See you next week.


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