DC Nation – 4/7/12

Welcome to today’s edition of DC Nation.  Today’s episode of Green Lantern is titled “Lost Planet.”  The group searches for a Green Lantern recruit on a doomed planet.  Today’s episode of Young Justice is titled “Performance.”  The team goes undercover with Haly’s circus to investigate a series of crimes.  The shorts today include a profile of Kilowog, an Animal Man Cartoon, and a Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Girl team-up.

Green Lantern:  The Animated Series – “Lost Planet”
Kilowog tries to restore some order during a meeting to discuss their situation.  Hall tells him to quit calling roll because there are only 4 of them.  They decide that things don’t look good.  Aya finds an energy signature from Shyir Rev’s old ring, so they change course to find this new recruit.  Unfortunately, there is an asteroid that is going to destroy the planet.  Hal ignores Kilowog and regulations, and spends most of their energy to slow down the asteroid.  This slows the asteroid down, and gives them 6 hours to find the new Green Lantern.  They come across a group of people on the planet, who help them search for the Green Lantern, before getting them off the planet.  Hal tries to strike up a conversation with Grood, but he throws him into a pit, where the ground tries to entrap him.  The ground lets him go, and Hal starts to doubt his decision.  Kilowog is walking with Zartok, a soldier that fought in the last battle of Thalius Prime.  He keeps wanting to hear more from the soldier.  Aya is walking with Drusa, the female of the group.  She twists her ankle, and asks Aya to take her back to the ship for medical attention.  Razer spots someone, but they quickly leave.  Hal thinks he spotted Grood, but it was just an earthen shell.  Aya takes her person back to the ship, but Drusa is there just to take over her ship.  Razer finds a ship graveyard, when he is approached by Saint Walker.  He explains to Razer that everyone is a bad person.  Kilowog discovers that he’s been following the General of the Cardonian Horde (bad) and is attacked.  Razer tries to fight Saint Walker, but it’s not really getting him anywhere because Walker isn’t really fighting back.  Saint Walker eventually puts Razer down with a simple move, tells him he needs to control his rage or it will be the end of him.  Walker then places the Green Lantern ring on his chest and walks off.  Hal finds him, and tells him that the ring hasn’t chosen anyone because they are all terrible people.  Kilowog thinks he’s beaten Zartock, but he’s saved by Drusa in the Lantern’s ship.  Kilowog chases them down, with Razer and Hal joining him.  The planet itself starts to move in and knocks the ship out of the sky.  This allows the Green Lanterns to chase them down.  Hal wonders why the ring stayed on the planet.  The ring tried to burrow down into the ground.  Hal digs a bigger hole and tosses the ring down it.  The planet takes the ring, and uses it to destroy the asteroid.  The planet is Mogo, and it thanks Hal for giving him the ring.  Mogo volunteers to keep the prisoners with him.  Saint Walker was watching while everything happened.

Young Justice – “Performance”
The team is performing undercover at Haly’s circus as the daring dangers.  Robin almost has an accident, but Miss Martian inconspicuously saves him.  Backstage, Haly is confronted by someone at Interpol, pointing out that a tech firm has been robbed in each city they visited.  The team is monitoring a warehouse because Batman wanted them to, when they see an acrobat hop the fence.  Superboy uses one of the patches that Luthor gave him, and tracks down the intruder using X-Ray vision.  They confront the intruder, and he blows fire at them.  It ignites some of the live ammo, and causes an explosion.  Superboy wants to chase after the guy, but Robin tells him to take Miss Martian and get out of her.  Robin wants to chase after him, but he’s feeling ill, so everyone escapes.  Back at the circus, the team sees Haley that is telling the Interpol that he did a bed check last night and everyone was in their beds.  Robin shows the team video showing that shows different people committing each crime.  Miss Martian suggests that she just read Haly’s mind, but Red Arrow doesn’t trust her to do it.  Superboy then gets into an argument about trusting people, and Red Arrow says that there is a mole in the team.  Miss Martian is feeling sick.  She has last come into contact with Ray, one of the performers.  They search for Ray, but find that he’s not in his bed.  They find “Ray” and find out he’s the Parasite.  When confronting him, he takes Superboy’s powers, after Superboy had used another patch.  Robin questions how Parasite got heat vision that Superboy doesn’t have, but Superboy says he has the potential to do it.  Robin picked a thumb drive off of Parasite to find that he’s trying to build a black hole.  So the team heads to Geneva to find him.  The team finds him, but as Robin tries to form a plan, Superboy storms after Parasite in a fit of rage.  Parasite is able to beat him, and drain his power again.  The team is able to trick Parasite into taking Miss Martian’s powers, and defeats him with fire.  Interpol comes in and takes Parasite into custody.  Red Arrow apologizes to the team, saying he doesn’t suspect that there is a mole on the team.  Back at the circus, Haly thanks Robin, still in his “Danger” disguise, for helping them.  He calls him Dick, and tells him that there’s no mistaking a Grayson on the trapeze.

Short Segments

  • A brief look into Kilowog.
  • Captain Cold is robbing a bank, when Animal Man, who was sitting on a telephone line with birds, stops him.  Next, a woman is tied to train tracks, when Animal Man pops up with several prairie dogs.  He races past the woman, and saves a cow that was on the tracks.  The woman, who got off on her own smacks him.
  • Supergirl and Wonder Girl call Batgirl in to help them take on Poison Ivy.  But Batgirl has to wait for her Dad to leave, and then suffers a series of setbacks trying to get to the others.  However, she does beat the other two to Poison Ivy, unfortunately.  But the others arrive in time, and they take on Poison Ivy.

I love that they gave Mogo an origin story within the cartoon.  I also like the introduction of Saint Walker.  I’m not sure if he’s a Blue Lantern at this point or not.  If I had to guess, I would imagine that he is, but we’ll see.  The Lanterns seemed to trusting in this episode.  Maybe it’s because their rings were low, so it couldn’t alert them to any dangers.  But with Kilowog, if he’s such a fan of this certain war, I’d expect him to know who were the good guys, and who were the bad guys.  Although, if it were just an interplanetary struggle, then I’ll excuse him.  The beginning of the episode was pretty funny, with Kilowog trying to hold a formal meeting with only the four of them.

I could have sworn that someone in a previous episode had called Robin “Tim,” but I must have been mistaken.  This was quite obviously Dick Grayson as Robin.  And I don’t mind that, it’s just kind of weird.  At this point, he should be Nightwing, and it really should be Tim Drake, but oh well.  Otherwise, the episode was pretty good.  It revealed that Kid Flash is the only one that knows Robin’s backstory.  I thought that this would be the episode where it’d be discovered that Superboy was using those patches, but he deflected it nicely.  Although, it seems there’s a rage issue associated with the patches.  I imagine that is going to something to do with him getting outed.

The shorts were good.  The Kilowog information one seemed like they put it together after watching Marvel’s “The Fury Files,” but copying a good thing is not bad.  The Animal Man one was pretty silly, but amusing in how they had him use the animal powers.  The Batgirl one was funny as well.

See you next week.

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