Marvel Universe – 4/8/12

Welcome to today’s installment of Marvel Universe.  Today’s episode of Ultimate Spider-man is titled “Doomed.”  The team decides to take on Dr. Doom to prove how good they are.  Today’s episode of The Avengers is titled “Alone Against A.I.M.”  Tony Stark, along with a couple Avengers, must fend off an attack from A.I.M. on Stark Industries.  The short segments include someone trying to make Captain America’s shield, a profile of Luke Cage/Power Man, Joe Quesada drawing Thor, and a couple Marvel Mash-ups.

Ultimate Spider-man – “Doomed”
Peter Parket is giving the rundown of people in his school cafeteria:  the Silver Surfers, cool but distant, and the Hulks, people who like to smash stuff.  Peter is upset that Sam (Nova) is hanging out with Mary Jane.  Agent Coulson separates them, and sends them to detention.  But, detention was just a ploy to get everyone together to do a SHIELD training mission.  Nova and Spider-man have a contest to see who can take down most drones, while everyone else looks on.  Nick Fury comes back after they finish and explain to them that the goal was to get past without setting off any alarms.  Fury makes them clean up the mess.  The group is upset with Spider-man, and he’s upset being stuck with noobs.  White Tiger looks up SHIELD’s most wanted list.  Spider-man yawns at her first choice, then Nova decides to go off after Dr. Doom.  White Tiger tries to talk the guys out of it, but their ship takes off anyways.  They fly into Latveria and are attacked.  They take care of Doom’s robots, but are then confronted by Doom.  Eventually, Nova and Spider-man inadvertantly take Doom down together.  Spider-man races off with Doom as his prisoner.  He takes him back to Fury.  Turns out, it was a trick by Doom to get into the Helicarrier.  And Doom was really just a set of Doombots.  The bots attack SHIELD.  The bots are able to take out one of the engines, and the Helicarrier begins to descend into New York City.  Spider-man suggests to Nova to help with the engine.  Nova doesn’t want to stop fighting, but he’s convinced to help.  The team begins working together, and are able to defeat the Doombots.  Fury gets on the team, and asks whoever started it to step forward because they are off the team.  Spider-man steps forward, but the other step forward also.  Fury allows them to stay.  Doom sends them a message that he has his eyes on them and knows their weaknesses.

The Avengers:  Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – “Alone Against A.I.M.”
A.I.M. soldiers are transporting some type of dangerous creature to Stark Tower.  Tony Stark is getting updated on the performance of the company, but he’s more interested in developing a device that creates a Captain America shield.  Pepper Potts tells him that he needs to focus more on the company, because if the company goes under, so do the Avengers.  Captain America contacts Tony that they’re ready to move the armor to Avengers Mansion.  Maria Hill meets with Tony, and tells him that she wants the Avengers to join SHIELD.  Hill wants the Avengers to register to set an example to other heroes that are popping up.  A.I.M. shuts down the power to Stark Tower and invades.  They bring in the creature, a machine called Technovore.  Technovore was created to seek out “arc reactor” technology, like in Iron Man’s suit.  A.I.M. is seeking to download all of Tony’s data, and take his suits.  Captain America and Black Panther fight off the A.I.M. soldiers that come after the suits.  Captain America tells James Rhodes that he may want to suit up.  The A.I.M. leader reveals that this is a revenge mission because Iron Man threw him in prison.  The Technovore breaks into the room Tony and Maria are in.  Tony holds him off using the shield device he created, and runs away.  The device on Technovore that was controlling him, so he starts attacking A.I.M.  The Technovore chases down Tony, and is able to get into the “arc reactor” in his chest.  However, Maria is able to get Technovore off.  Rhodes gets into his War Machine armor and fights off A.I.M.  The Technovore is attracted to War Machine’s arc reactor and chases off after it.  Tony and Maria follow it.  The Technovore attacks War Machine, and they go crashing through walls, ending up in the main reactor chamber.  Captain America and Black Panther follow them into the room and knock out the A.I.M. soldiers.  Tony, now in armor, gets Technovore off of War Machine.  Iron Man has Jarvis overload the building’s arc reactor, and that takes care of Technovore and the bombs on the arc reactor.  They all then chase after the A.I.M. soldiers that have Pepper and the data.  They subdue them, but Pepper is worried about what happened to the data.  Captain America (remember, he’s a Skrull) tells her not to worry because he has it.  Afterwards, Maria tells Tony that the Avengers do put people in danger, and registration is going to happen.

Short Segments

  • What Would It Take:  Captain America’s Shield.
  • Fury Files:  Luke Cage/Power Man.
  • Marvel Master Class:  Joe Quesada draws Thor flying.
  • Marvel Mash-up featuring Spider-man and Green Goblin.
  • Marvel Mash-up featuring Hulk.

First off, Agent Coulson in this episode of Ultimate Spider-man was wonderful.  Fury told him he was going native.  See, Coulson was taking his duty as Principal a little too seriously.  While the team was going after Doom, Coulson lost track of them because he was too busy trying to fix the school’s budget.  More accurately, he was completely obsessing over the budget.  At the end, he wants Fury to send SHIELD’s legal team in to try to reclassify what constitutes “beef” in order to try to save more money in the budget.  But regarding the actual team, the Nova/Spider-man conflict was fun.  There wasn’t really anything in this episode that I didn’t like.  It was a good story of two characters trying to get past their egos for the betterment of the group.  I will still complain that I think this should be a Spider-man centric cartoon, instead of a “team” centric cartoon.  I’ll probably complain about that for a couple weeks, unless they mix in some solo adventures, but I don’t expect that to happen.

All of this registration talks makes me think that they might be setting up a Civil War type story.  I’m not sure exactly how they would do that.  Actually, with Captain America being a Skrull right now, him going against Iron Man and SHIELD would make sense, unlike in the comics.  I just don’t know when they’d do it.  They’re already running commercials teasing when everyone knows Captain America is a Skrull, and they are invading.  But, I don’t expect that to happen until the end of the season, and there are 26 episodes in the season.  So we’ll see how things play out.

Have I mentioned that I hate the Marvel Mash-ups?  I’ve hated these things when they first started appearing on Youtube with any old cartoon.  They just aren’t funny to me.  And the “What Would It Take” segment was ridiculous.  At least they tried to really do something comic related by trying to create Captain America.  But saying that the ideal metal to use would be aluminum?  I don’t buy that.  If you’re going to make these segments, take them seriously.  To me, the Fury Files segment ran too long.  There comes a point where he can no longer describe a character.  It is at that point that you want to end the segment, not repeat everything you just said, only slightly changing the wording.  The Master Class segment with Quesada was good.  While talking about Thor, he also gave a brief explanation of the processes the art goes though.

See you next week.


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