DC Nation – 4/14/12

Welcome to this week’s installment of DC Nation.  Today’s episode of Green Lantern is titled “Reckoning.”  Razer decides to deal with Atrocitus himself.  Today’s episode of Young Justice is titled “Usual Suspects.”  The truth about a mole being on the team is finally revealed.  The shorts today include a test of a real Batarang, a Mad cartoon, and an Aardman cartoon.

Green Lantern:  The Animated Series – “Reckoning”
The Green Lanterns find the Red Lantern mothership.  Razer is unhappy with Hal and Kilowog being content to just gather information, so he leaves the ship.  Aya tells Razer that she must alert Hal and Kilowog to stop Razer.  Razer detonates something on the ship to distract them.  Aya tells them that Razer left, and this was just a diversion.  Razer goes in the the Red Lanterns’ headquarters to recharge his ring.  Atrocitus tells Zilius to prepare a welcoming for Razer.  Razer sees Atrocitus and tells him that he was captured by the Green Lanterns, but was waiting for the chance to escape.  He tries to kill Atrocitus, but it’s revealed that Atrocitus was only letting Razer think he recharged his ring.  Hal, Kilowog, and Aya try to infiltrate the base.  Atrocitus is interrogating Razer, so see what he’s been doing with the Green Lanterns.  When Razer won’t talk, Atrocitus tells Zilius to schedule Razer’s execution.  Aya sneaked into the command center, while Hal and Kilowog search for Razer.  In stolen guard aromor, Hal sneaks into the Temple of Atrocitus.  Hal asks the Cleric to tell him about the stained glass window.  The cleric tells of a story about how the Guardians sent the Manhunters to Ysmault to destroy the people there after they would not worship the Guardians.  This is what created Atrocitus’ rage, leading him to become a Red Lantern.  Two actual guards show up as Kilowog stumbles out of his hiding place.  Hal stops them from shooting, but he punches Kilowog to maintain his cover.  He leads him to Atrocitus.  Atrocitus tells Hal to execute Kilowog as Zilius is executing Razer.  Hal tells Aya now, and she creates a diversion to free Kilowog and Razer.  in the ensuing battle, Razer is able to recharge his ring.  Hal convinces Razer to leave and live another day.  Aya opens up the bases defenses to allow them through, but they still have to fight the pursuing Red Lanterns.  Aya is discovered by Atrocitus.  Atrocitus tells that he has Aya, and if they want her back, they need to meet him in Battery Square.  Razer convinces Hal to let him get Aya while Hal takes Kilowog back to the ship.  During their fight, Atrocitus reveals that he’s the one that started the war on Razer’s homeworld that killed Llana.  In his rage, Razer has Atrocitus down, but Aya convinces him to help them instead of getting revenge.  Razer takes Aya back to the ship.  Aya tells Hal and Kilowog that she has decrypted the files she stole.  It reveals that the Red Lanterns  have an armada of warships.

Young Justice – “Usual Suspects”
December 30.  Superman is standing in front of the Hall of Justice, introducing the new members of the Justice League:  Dr. Fate, Plastic Man, The Atom, Icon, and Red Arrow.  The new members go to meet Young Justice, but they’ve taken off after spotting Cheshire on security cameras.  The team now includes Icon’s sidekick, Rocket.  The team finds Cheshire’s crashed jet.  While investigating the crash, the team is ambushed by Cheshire, The Riddler, and other soldiers.  Aqualad starts the team’s attack on their ambushers.  During the fight, Superboy uses his last patch.  While fighting, Robin notices that Superboy is using powers that he doesn’t actually have.  In the end, the team wins.  Batman tells the team well done for hacking their systems, capturing 3 prisoners, and showing that Hugo Strange is using Belle Reeve as a front for criminal activity.  Aqualad and Robin agree that since Cheshire and Riddler knew they were coming, so that brings up the precence of a mole again.  Aqualad confronts Superboy, but Superboy is contacted by Luthor to meet him.  Superboy meets Luthor, who is with Queen Bee, Marcy, Sportsmaster, Blockbuster, and Bane.  A helicopter shows up.  In it is Cheshire and Artemis.  She tells Superboy that the hero thing wasn’t working for her.  Miss Martian shows up to do Queen Bee’s bidding, so that she’ll keep her secret.  Superboy tells Luthor that he’ll join if he gives him more patches.  Luthor doesn’t believe him, so he says his trigger word, “red sun.”  It’s shown that Superboy told the team that he’s half Luthor, and that he’s been using the patches that Luthor gave him.  Superboy says that Luthor has summoned him to Santa Presca.  Artemis reveals her family to the team.  Robin tells Artemis that he knew all the time.  Artemis tells the team that Cheshire has summoned her to Santa Presca.  Miss Martian then reveals her true form to the team.  Superboy tells her that he knew even before they became a couple.  So, back on Santa Presca, the three Young Justice members that they aren’t actually there to defect, but rather capture.  Miss Martian had removed the trigger word from Superboy’s mind.  The rest of the team comes in.  During the fight, Luthor and Queen Bee escape.  In the end, the team captures the rest of them.  In the Watchtower, Batman is investigating the bio-nanites they found earlier.  Red Arrow comes up, and puts one of the nanites on the back of Batman’s neck.  It absorbs itself through the suit, and takes control.  Batman walks past all of the Justice League members, who have already been taken over, and teleports Vandal Savage onto the Watchtower.  The Justice League kneels to him.  Red Arrow comes to his senses and realizes that he was the mole.

Short Segments

  • A professional marksman tests the accuracy of a Batarang.
  • A Mad cartoon that is a fake trailer for the movie Green Care Bear.  In it, Hal Jordan is recruited to become the Green Care Bear.
  • An Aardman short with Batman and Superman.

It was nice to finally get some background information on Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns.  Using the Manhunters opens up the possibility that once Hal is able to speak to the Guardians again, he’ll start questioning their actions.  Or it could possible lead to Sinestro’s departure from the Green Lantern Corps.  But this is purely speculation.  At this time, I don’t know what Sinestro’s current status is within the show.  I do think that Atrocitus being the one that started the war on Razer’s planet, as a means of recruiting Razer is a bit of a stretch.  Surely, he could have sent an assassin or something simpler.  Although, I guess you could say that all of the rage involved in the war could fuel the Red Lantern battery, and that is the real motive.

I’m torn on this episode of Young Justice.  Part of me is really disappointed with things were resolved this quickly with the three characters that were being blackmailed.  However, the way it was revealed was perfect for the team.  And then revealing that Red Arrow was the actual mole was a nice twist.  He’d been the one that has been investigating the presence of a mole on the team, when in reality, he was just diverting attention away from himself.  And so, I’m torn on this episode.  I also want to point out that I don’t do the fight scenes justice in this write-up.  There’s so much going on, if I were to do play-by-play, it would make the post really, really long.  But, in short, the fight scenes are well scripted, showing the team working together to take down their foes.

The shorts were kind of disappointing today.  I’m pretty sure it was established that the Batarang was a useful weapon in a previous installment.  The Mad cartoon was okay.  But the Aardman one wasn’t really funny.  They’re now 0 for 2.  Which is sad to say, because I usually like Aardman’s work.  Maybe they’re just not cut out for the shorts.

See you next week.


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