Marvel Universe – 4/15/12

Welcome to this week’s installment of Marvel Universe.  Today’s episode of Ultimate Spider-man is titled “Venom.”  The Venom symbiot is created and attacks Spider-man.  Today’s episode of The Avengers is titled “Acts of Vengeance.”  Enchantress is trying to hunt down Baron Zemo to get revenge for his actions at the end of last season.  The shorts include a parcore segment, Fury Files profiling Nova, Joe Quesada drawing Captain America, and Marvel Mash-ups that I didn’t have the courage to sit through today.

Ultimate Spider-man – “Venom”
Spider-man is running from a robot on his Spider-cycle through a subway tunnel.  Nick Fury tells Spider-man to quit playing with the thing and fight it.  So, Spider-man ends up beating the thing, but unfortunately, it tore off part of his pants.  He scurries off to school, while a tiny robot that was inside the other robot flies off with a sample of Spider-man’s blood.  Peter is late for school, but Harry sneaks him in a window.  Harry is inviting Peter to a party when Peter’s teammates drag him off to talk with them.  Doctor Octopus is talking with Norman Osborn  about examining Spider-man’s DNA.  The team pulled Peter away to laugh at him about his subway incident.  He’s upset they pulled him away from Harry for this.  Sam ends up insulting Harry, and Harry storms off.  At home, Harry tells his father about how Peter has become distant since the new kids showed up.  Harry decides to invite the whole school to his party, and doesn’t like that Peter brought his other friends.  Norman Osborn goes to talk to Dr. Octopus, and is told that his creation has escaped, and is likely heading back to the source.  At Harry’s party, Peter tries to get away for a moment, but runs into Flash Thompson in the bathroom.  Out of the toilet comes a monster.  The monster attaches itself to Flash, and becomes Venom.  Venom attacks Peter, and they bust out into the rest of the party.  As everyone leaves, Peter and the team change into costume.  As their fighting it, the symbiot goes from Flash, to Nova, to Power Man.  Iron Fist is able to get it off Power Man, but ends up being captured by it.  He gets it off, but it does capture Spider-man.  When Venom goes to attach Harry and Mary Jane, Spider-man is able to partially break free and fight Venom.  Spider-man uses his electric webs to electrocute and dissipate Venom.  Spider-man tells Harry that Peter is okay.  Norman gets to the roof and is at first upset that they destroyed it, but then he congratulates the heroes.  Norman visits with Dr. Octopus, who promises to create a better version.  Peter visits Harry to help him clean up.  As they are, Harry finds and active piece of the symbiot, and puts it in a bottle.

The Avengers:  Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – “Acts of Venegence”
Enchantress is trying to find Zemo.  She interrogates Chemistro.  When he gives her some info, she turns him into gold using his gun.  Thor returns to Asgard to check on the rebuilding.  While talking with Heimdall, an electric blast appears.  Heimdal says that Odin must be warned, because the seal has been broken.  Captain America leads a team into a warehouse, where the find the Living Laser frozen.  Enchantress finds Zola, who fails in his attempt to capture her.  She takes him down.  At Avengers Mansion, Captain America is talking to Jarvis, when Jarvis starts to malfunction.  They find Baron Zemo inside the mansion.  Hulk immediately attacks Abomination.  Captain America tells Hulk to stand down.  Zemo tells them that Enchantress is attacking his team, because she blames him for her failure.  Iron Man breaks in and is confused.  Zemo tells them that he will surrender to them if they help him with Enchantress.  They tell Zemo that Thor is nowhere to be found.  The Avengers form their plan on dealing with Zemo and Enchantress.  The Crimson Dynamo is being attacked by Enchantress, but Iron Man and Hawkeye come to his aid.  Black Panther tells Wonder Man about how they plan on negating Enchantress’ magic.  He then tells him that Iron Man has found a cure for him.  Captain America and Zemo arrive.  Zemo tells Black Panther that he wants Captain America to activate the device, because he knows that the noble Captain America won’t betray him.  Echantress sneaks into the mansion as Chemistro.  She reveals herself and attacks them.  Zemo tells Captain America to activate the dampeners, but he does nothing.  Thor and Odin examine the broken seal, and discover that the Twilight Sword is gone, and suspect Surtr has broken free..  Zemo pull s out the Nord stone to use against Enchantress.  He ends up using it against the Executioner.  Iron Man tells Jarvis to activate the dampening field.  Zemo tells Dynamo and Wonder Man to destroy the Avengers now.  Dynamo does, but Wonder Man attacks Zemo.  Enchantress regains her power, and draws the Nord stone to her.  Wonder Man took the stone from her and broke it.  Enchantress and Wonder Man disappear.  Enchantress finds herself with Surtr, a horned fire being.

Short Segments
Morgan, host on Disney XD, learns how to move like Captain America by having someone teach him some Parcore moves.
Fury Files featuring Nova.
Marvel Master Class with Joe Quesada drawing Captain America.
More Marvel Mash-ups.

Of course this show is going with the “Ultimate” version of Venom’s origin.  I don’t really have anything to say about this episode.  It was a fine episode, but there is nothing that stands out as particularly great or bad.  Harry’s jealous that Peter has new friends, which is adorable. The one thing I am curious about is what will happen with Harry keeping a sample of the symbiot.  I just hope they don’t have Harry become Venom.  Oh, and has it that Topher Grace did the voice for Venom in this episode.  Not that he really spoke a lot, but that’s kind of neat.

This episode was also kind of middle of the road.  It was fine, just nothing really great or really bad to discuss.  Nothing new on the “registration” storyline or on the “Skrull” storyline.  Although, they did take the opportunity to remind everyone that Captain America is currently a Skrull.  First, they had him betray Zemo, but later, when Zemo tells him that he’s changed, they show Cap’s shadow being that of a Skrull.  I say that the fire creature at the end was Surtr based on my best guess.  I went through my Norse mythology glossary, and that’s the name that most closely resembles what was said and shown in the episode.  But if this is the case, I have no idea where to go from here.  Surtr is a major player in Ragnarok.  And I don’t really expect them to end the world in this cartoon.

I’m not really sure what parkour has to with Captain America.  Of course, when I think of parkour, I think of painful looking accidents.  But that may just be me.  And I’m sorry, but I just can’t watch the Marvel Mash-ups any more.  I wish Marvel and DC would steal aspects of each others animation blocks, and combine it with what they’re doing.  Marvel should do some original short cartoons instead of the mash-ups, and DC should do more profiling of characters.


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