DC Nation – 4/28/12

Welcome to this week’s installment of DC Nation.  Today’s episode of Green Lantern is titled “In Love and War.”  The Green Lanterns discover the Star Sapphires.  Today is the first episode of season two of Young Justice, which added Invasion to the title, and is titled “Happy New Year.”  It’s five years later, and the team discovers alien invaders.  The short segments include a profile of Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes), a Super Best Friends Forever cartoon titled “Grounded,” and a new Mad cartoon titled “Teen Titanic.”  Once again, I imagine that I’ve spelled most of the things wrong in the Green Lantern episode.  I’ll fix it when I can find the correct spellings.

Green Lantern:  The Animated Series – “In Love and War”
Kilowog is feeling down about leaving Galia behind.  Hal is trying to cheer him up when Aya alerts them that there is something 20 seconds away.  It turns out that this thing is a giant space monster.  They are aided by two Star Saphires, named Acapo, Gyita.  They offer the Lanterns rest and repairs on their home planet of Zamaron.  Acapo looks into Kilowog, and sees he’s suffering from a broken heart.  A Star Sapphire ring goes to Galia.  Acapo tells Hal that they used to be with the Guardians, long ago, but they disagreed with the Guardians about the role of emotions.  The Sapphires believed that only love could heal the universe.  Gyita takes Hal on a tour, but he brushes her advances off.  Kilowog runs into Galia.  He asks how she got here, but she tells him to hush, and that she has something that can keep them together forever.  Aya has fixed the ship, but she can’t get Kilowog to respond.  Razer contacts Hal, who tells him not to worry.  It’s revealed that Kilowog has been encased in a crystal.  Queen Acapo is unhappy that Hal hasn’t fallen in love with Gyita yet, and tells her to take stronger actions.  Gyita gives Hal a drink, and finds that he already has a true love in Carol Ferris.  Acapo sends a ring to Carol.  On Earth, Carol has just been told that Hal can’t be found when she’s offered a ring.  Razer approaches Acapo, and demands to know where Kilowog is.  Acapo invites Razer to join her in searching for him.  She denies Aya entrance though.  Aya decides to go on her own search, and finds Kilowog, among many others, encased in crystal.  When she tries to contact Razer, she is attacked by Galia.  She subdues Galia, and flees.  Aya finds Razer as Acapo was offering him drinks, and tells him that Kilowog has been imprisoned.  The ring transports Carol to Hal.  Carol sees Gyita, becomes jealous, and attacks her.  Eventually, Hal is able to reason with Carol, and get her to stop fighting.  They kiss, she comes to her senses, and Hal tells her what’s been going on.  Gyita tells Carol that she can use the power of love to keep him.  Carol tells her that that isn’t actually love.  Carol gives back the Star Sapphire ring, and is returned to Earth.  Hal gets Kilowog out of the crystal, and they go to help Razer and Aya, who are fighting Acapo and her guards.  Gyita tries to convince Acapo to release them.  Acapo looks into Razer’s mind, and realizes that Aya looks like Razer’s love Alana.  With the help of Gyita, the Green Lanterns are able to escape.

Young Justice:  Invasion – “Happy New Year”
Five years later.  Superboy is attacked by Clayface in the sewar.  Miss Martian and Robin assist him in taking down Clayface.  Beast Boy, Bumblebee and Blue Beetle were also there.  They go back to the cave where Lagoon Boy and Nightwing were training.  Lagoon Boy and Miss Martian kiss, much to Superboy’s chagrin.  Captain Atom sends the team an alert that the U. N. is being attacked by someone.  Lobo is there attacking a government official.  Batgirl and Wonder Girl show up first.  Lobo is able to shrug them off, and tear apart the governmental person, revealing that he’s actually a small alien in a robotic body.  Lobo flies off with his bounty.  News pundit G. Gordon Godfrey is showing footage of Lobo’s attack, and questions why the Justice League isn’t doing more to scan for invading aliens.  Cat Grant is at the Hall of Justice.  She’s trying to get a statement from new League members Zatanna and Rocket, but they say nothing.  This just angers Godfrey more, and asking what the League is hiding from the real Earthlings.  John Stewart explains who Lobo and the other alien, Crototain are.  Martian Manhunter presents Adam Strange to tell his story.  He was working on the teleporter when he was transported to Rann.  He explains that the scientist on Rand says that the Crototains stole some Zeta beam technology.  The League offers to go, but the 6 that had 16 hours missing are wanted criminals in that sector.  Nightwing says that the Young Justice can handle it.  He puts Robin (Tim Drake) in charge of one of the squadrons.  Lagoon Boy finds a door underwater, and Robin and Blue Beetle enter it with him.  Robin reports that they found a large group of Crototains.  They try to lay low, but are quickly discovered.  They start fighting.  The Crototains see Blue Beetle and retreat.  Blue Beetle understands what the Crototains are saying, and informs the other that the base is going to self destruct.  Blue takes one hostage, and gets him to guide them to captive humans, and then to lead them to a way out.  The rest of the League shows up, and Nightwing congradulates Robin on a job well done.  Adam Strange welcomes Superboy, Beast Boy, and Miss Martian to Rann.

Short Segments

  • A profile of Blue Beetle, Jamie Reyes.
  • Super Best Friends Forever cartoon.  Wonder Girl and Batgirl want Supergirl to join them, but she’s grounded.  Superman is enforcing that grounding.
  • A Mad cartoon combining Teen Titans and the Titanic into Teen Titanic.

I like the way the Star Sapphires were introduced.  It’s not that they good or evil, it’s that they’re obsessed, and that obsession is what drives their actions.  I felt like this episode did a fair job of conveying that.  What I didn’t like was Kilowog’s moping around at the beginning.  This is someone that is still missing his wife and kids from when his home was destroyed.  It seems unwise to have him this romantically interested in someone.  The revelation that Aya took her form from Razer’s lost companion is an interesting one.  It could possibly explain why she has tried to help him, in that some of the emotions in Razer’s mind have transferred when Aya took on this form.

So, apparently, this was the first episode in season two.  It’s weird.  And they changed the name.  Luckily, I had planned on doing these write-ups earlier today, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to catch it in time to record the replay on Cartoon Network West.  But I digress.  I really dislike the 5 year later jump.  Especially since they picked right back up with where they ended the first season.  We learned that the 6 Justice League members that had 16 hours unaccounted for were in or near Rann.  But really, it took them 5 years to figure this out?  And even then, it was a random occurrence.  But, I could possibly overlook this, if this 5 year jump didn’t seem like a cheap excuse to change things up suddenly.  We have Miss Martian with Lagoon Boy, and not Superboy.  But, Superboy is clearly not happy about it.  So, when did this happen?  Why did this happen?  There are several new people on the team, but we don’t get to see how they are recruited to the team, or how they adjusted to the other members of the team.  This adaptation is something that made the beginning of series so entertaining.  (I have caught up on the 12 episodes that are currently on DVD.)  Also, missing from this episode were Kid Flash, Aqualad (the leader of the team), and Artemis.  It’s lazy storytelling to just jump ahead that far for no apparent reason.  Also, the title bugs me.  Happy New Year?  It should be “Happy Five New Years.”  Uhg, I’m annoyed with it.  But, at least Tim Drake is in the show now.  So, there’s at least that.

The shorts were fine.  Well, the Super Best Friends Forever one was fine up to the point where Supergirl gave Superman a wedgie.

See you next week.


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