5th Week Extravaganza

Today is a special day, because it is the 5th Monday of the month.  And you know what that means.  It’s time for another 5th Week Extravaganza.  Here at Comicdom Wrecks, we try to treat this special day by doing something special for you, our loyal readers.  And to me, something special means that something we don’t normally do on the blog.  Today, that means going through Deviant Art, and spotlighting fan pictures that I think you should take a look at.  Being that it’s me, expect a lot of Batman stuff.  It’s going to go like this.  If I really like what I see on their site, I’ll post my favorite picture, tell you who drew it, and give you a brief synopsis of what comic related stuff is on their site.  It should go without saying that I recommend that you visit each of these sites.  Since there are going to be a lot of pictures, I’m putting them all behind the break.  Enjoy.

This first image was done by Andy Fairhurst, username wildlifehoodoo.  In the “Fan Art” folder, there are many more Batman related images, as well as a lot of Marvel character images.

This images was done by MelikeAcar.  There are a lot of good Marvel sketch cards on the site.

This image is from Dustin Nguyen, username duss005.  This is one of my favorite comic artists.  I debated about whether to include this or not, because he is a fairly well known artist, but I decided to anyways.  Personally, I never thought to go to Deviant Art to find stuff by current comic artists, so I’m passing this on to you.  There’s a lot of fine stuff.

This image was done by Charles Holbert Jr., username KidNotorious.  There are a lot of fine DC and Marvel pictures, but of course, I had to post the Fables one.  Hell, even if I didn’t like his art, I still would have posted the Fables picture.

This image was done by Jim Lee, username jimlee00.  Yes, it’s the Jim Lee we all know.  I’ve simply included this image because it was done on an iPad.

This image was done byhedbonstudios.  There are many fine pictures on this site, but what makes it a must see are the multitude of the Chibi (style above) drawings that include everything from DC Comics to Venture Bros.

This image was done by SaintYak.  I liked it because it was something different that what I had already seen.  Most of the images on his page are done in this style.

This image was done by Daniel Mikah Govar, username saulone.  There are a lot of nice character drawings and redesigns of both DC and Marvel characters on this site.


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