The Avengers Primer: Iron Man 2

With The Avengers coming out this Friday, I thought I would give you a recap of the movies that led up to it.  Since I’m a nice guy and all.  Well that, and me and the wife are watching all of the movies before going to see The Avengers.  Now, these aren’t going to be full summaries and reviews, bur rather, passing along the main information that the movie presents.  Yesterday, we covered Iron Man.  Early today was The Incredible Hulk.  Now, it’s time for Iron Man 2.  Thor and Captain America will appear Thursday night/Friday morning.  Also, I will have my review for The Avengers will be up some time Friday night or Saturday morning.

Ivan Vanko is told that he should be in Tony Stark’s position.  Ivan uses Stark blueprints, that also have his father’s name on them, to build an arc reactor.  6 months later, Stark drops in on Stark Expo to launch the year long science fair.  Tony is summoned to a Senate hearing regarding his possession of the Iron Man suit.  Tony says the suit is part of him and can’t be turned over.  Justin Hammer is brought in to testify against Tony.  James Rhodes is also brought in to testify against Tony Stark by reading a specific section of a report.  Tony shows that no one is close to developing his type of armor, and leaves.  Ivan continues to develop his arc reactor weapon.  Stark is struggling with his blood toxicity due to the core in his chest.  Pepper Potts argues with Tony about how he’s running the company, and he makes her CEO of Stark Industries.  Natalie Rushman comes to have Tony sign papers while he’s sparring with Happy Hogan.  Happy gets shown up by her in the ring.  Tony wants her to be his new assistant.  They all go to the Grand Prix of Monaco, where Stark decides he wants to drive the F1 car that he owns.  During the race, Whiplash (Ivan) attacks.  After getting his suit, Iron Man is able to take out Whiplash.

Tony speaks to Ivan in prison, and learns where he got the design.  Justin Hammer breaks Ivan out of prison, and offers him a job.  Stark learns who Anton Vanko is.  Rhodes tells Stark that the military wants to come and take his suits.  Stark gets drunk at his birthday party, and parties in his Iron Man suit.  Seeing Stark acting irresponsible, Rhodes takes one of the other Iron Man suits.  They fight, but Rhodes is able to leave with the suit.  He takes it back to the Air Force, where Hammer is brought in to outfit it.  Nick Fury finds Iron Man and speaks with him.  Natalie shows up, and reveals her name is Natasha Romanoff and she’s an agent S.H.I.E.L.D.  Natasha gives him something to deal with his blood poisoning.  Fury tells him there’s stuff he hasn’t tried to fix his condition, talks to him about the history of his father and Vanko and the arc reactor, and gives him a box of his father’s work.  Ivan tells Hammer that he’s making drones, and not manned suits.  Inspired by video of his father, and the diagram for the 1974 Stark Expo, Stark discovers a new element.  Ivan calls Stark and threatens him.  Stark sees that Hammer is giving a demonstration tonight, and goes to the Stark Expo.  Hammer displays his drones, and Rhodes as War Machine.  Iron Man shows up to warn War Machine, but Ivan takes the drones and War Machines over, and attacks the expo.  Natasha forces Hammer to tell her where Ivan is.  She has Happy take her to Hammer industries.  Natasha takes out most of the guards there, but Ivan is gone.  However, she is able to reboot War Machine so Rhodes will have control of it.  Together they are able to take down the Hammer drones, and Whiplash.  With the defeat, the drones are set to explode.  Iron Man is able to save Pepper in time.  Pepper tries to quit being CEO, but they just end up kissing.  War Machine tells Iron Man that he needs to keep the suit for a bit.  Fury tells Stark that at this point in time, they’d like to only use him as a consultant.

Stuff specifically related to The Avengers:

  • Natalie Rushman is actually Natasha Romanoff, an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. known as the Black Widow.
  • Nick Fury assisted Iron Man in fixing his blood toxicity problem.
  • Iron Man is being brought on mainly as a consultant for the Avengers Initiative.
  • The movie essentially runs concurrent with The Incredible Hulk, with the ending coming before the after credits scene in The Incredible Hulk.


  1. out of all the Avengers movies this one felt the most sapped together. Vanko spends most of the movie sitting around a lab and the whole poisoning problem solved by Shield Deus Ex Machina seemed forced in. Overall I got the impression this movie was made to keep Downey interested for Avengers.


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