The Avengers Primer: The Incredible Hulk

With The Avengers coming out this Friday, I thought I would give you a recap of the movies that led up to it.  Since I’m a nice guy and all.  Well that, and me and the wife are watching all of the movies before going to see The Avengers.  Now, these aren’t going to be full summaries and reviews, bur rather, passing along the main information that the movie presents.  Yesterday, we covered Iron Man.  Right now it is time for The Incredible Hulk, with Iron Man 2 to follow shortly.  Thor and Captain America will appear Thursday night/Friday morning.  Also, I will have my review for The Avengers up some time Friday night or Saturday morning.

Bruce Banner has been hiding out in Brazil, working on controlling his body and pulse.  He’s talking online with a Mr. Blue, who’s trying to help him cure his condition.  After an accident involving Banner’s blood getting into a bottle, General Ross sends a team to track him down.  During the ensuing confrontation, Banner turns into the Hulk (some locals helped get him angry).  Hulk is able to escape the team of black ops.  General Ross fills in one of the black ops, Emil Blonsky, that the Hulk was Banner.  General Ross tells Blonsky that Hulk was created while Banner was working on a new Super Soldier project.  Banner goes to Culver University to get the data on himself to send to Mr. Blue, but the data is no longer in the system.  At Stanley’s Pizza, Banner is spotted by Betty Ross, but he runs away.  Betty does find him on the side of the road later on.  Betty brings him home and gives him the data he was searching for.  Blonsky is injected with the new Super Soldier serum.  Banner is spotted at Culver University, and Blonsky leads the army after him.  Trapped, and seeing Betty hurt, he turns into the Hulk.  During the fight, Blonsky gets seriously injured.  Hulk saves Betty from an explosion, and escapes with her.  In a cave, Betty is able to calm the Hulk.

Days later, Blonsky has fully recovered from his seemingly fatal injuries.  S.H.I.E.L.D. is monitoring communications between Banner, and the Mr. Blue that has been trying to help him.  Blonsky goes through another set of experiments.  Betty and Banner go to New York City to meet with Dr. Sterns (Mr. Blue).  Blonsky is starting to experience some deforming side effects.  Dr. Sterns does an experiment on Banner, turning him into Hulk in order to try to cure him.  It seemingly works, but uncertain if it’s permanent.  Sterns shows that he’s recreated Banner’s blood, and Banner wants it destroyed.  Army has shown up, and Blonsky charges in.  Banner is hit with a tranquilizer dart.  Blonsky tries to get the Hulk out, but can’t and knocks out Banner.  Banner is taken by General Ross.  Blonsky gets Dr. Sterns to treat him with Banner’s blood.  This turns Blonsky into the Abomination.  In his rage, he causes some of Banner’s blood to enter Dr. Stern’s head, mutating him.  Abomination attacks the army, and New York City.  Banner convinces General Ross to let him, as the Hulk, to fight the Abomination.  Eventually, Hulk is able to defeat Abomination.  After the fight, Hulk runs away to a remote area in Canada.  While meditating, Banner becomes the Hulk.  In a bar, Tony Stark approaches General Ross about dealing with the Hulk with a team they’re putting together.

Stuff specifically related to The Avengers:

  • Bruce Banner is The Hulk.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. has been keeping their eye on The Hulk.
  • Bruce Banner is able have some control of his actions while he is The Hulk.
  • Bruce Banner is able to control when he turns into The Hulk.



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