Free Comic Book Day

Every year, on the first Saturday day in May, there is a glorious event that people spend weeks…nay, months…eagerly anticipating.  The participants are announced, and scrutinized leading up to the event.  Once this wonderful day comes, people pick their favorites, and check out the results.  I, of course, am talking about Free Comic Book Day.  Sure, there’s also the Kentucky Derby, but this is a comic blog, not a sports blog.

Free Comic Book Day is a day in which the publishers produce books for the comic shops to give away for free.  These books are sometimes teasers or previews of upcoming stories.  Sometimes, they are full story so people can get a feel for the title.  Either way, it’s a good time to check out new things.  Also, the comic shops usually run specials on this day, to increase sales to cover the cost of the free books.  After all, as they say in Economics, there’s no such thing as a free comic book.  Well, it might have been lunch.  Same difference.

Personally, I will be going to The Zone, the official comic shop of Comicdom Wrecks.  Click on the link, or the ad for The Zone to the right to check out what books they’ll start the day with, what specials they’re running, and their policy how many books kids and collectors may take.  If you don’t live in the Louisville Metro area, here’s a link to the Comic Shop Locator to help you find a store near you that is participating in the event.

I also want to point out, that not every book in whatever store you go to is free.  Just the ones created for this event.  I have seen someone that got upset when they were told they couldn’t just take the monthly issue of something off the shelf, and not pay for it.


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