The Avengers Primer: Captain America

With The Avengers coming out this Friday, I thought I would give you a recap of the movies that led up to it.  Since I’m a nice guy and all.  Well that, and me and the wife are watching all of the movies before going to see The Avengers.  Now, these aren’t going to be full summaries and reviews, bur rather, passing along the main information that the movie presents.  We have already covered Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, and Thor.  Captain America will be appearing shortly.  Also, I will have my review for The Avengers will be up some time Friday night or Saturday morning.

A search team in the arctic has found the wreckage of an airplane.  Inside, they find the frozen body of Captain America.  In Norway, in 1942, the Red Skull steals the cosmic cube.  In New York, Steve Rogers tries many times to get into the Army, but is not medically cleared.  His friend, Bucky Barnes, saves him from a fight, tells him that he’s received his orders, and takes him on a double date.  Steve argues with Bucky about trying to enlist again, and this conversation is overheard by Dr. Abraham Erskine.  Dr. Erskine lets Steve know that he knows he’s tried to enlist under many aliases, and asks him to join a special program.  Dr. Zola is able to harness the power of the cosmic cube to power the Red Skull’s weapon.  Steve Rogers struggles through basic training, led by Peggy Carter and Col. Phillips, who says they are going to choose one of them to be a part of a Super Soldier program.  Rogers finally shines when he is able to use his intelligence to solve a problem, and shows his bravery by falling on what everyone thought was a live grenade.  Dr. Erskine convinces Phillips that Rogers is the one for them.  Dr. Erskine tells Rogers about the Red Skull, and why Rogers was chosen for the procedure.  Rogers is transformed by the procedure, which was run by Howard Stark.  However, a Hydra spy is able to kill Dr. Erskine, and sets off an explosion in the lab.  Rogers chases him down using his new found power, but the spy kills himself before he can get any information out of him.

The Nazis are losing faith in the Red Skull, so he kills the representatives sent to him, and has Hydra become its own entity.  Phillips goes to attack Hydra in Europe, but leaves Rogers behind.  Rogers gets approached to sell war bonds as Captain America.  He’s performing song and dance routines.  It’s popular in the States, but actual soldiers are not receptive.  Overseas, he runs into Peggy Carter, and talks to her about how this isn’t what he wanted.  She tells him about the 107th (Bucky Barnes regiment) getting captured.  Phillips tells Rogers that they can’t rescue the rest of the prisoners because they’re behind enemy lines.  Peggy and Howard Stark help Rogers get behind enemy lines.  Rogers is able to sneak into the prison, which is doubling as a factory, and rescue the prisoners.  He is also able to find Bucky, who was being experimented on, and free him.  They have a brief run-in with Red Skull, but have to leave before the factory explodes.  Rogers leads the prisoners back to base, where he is greeted as a hero.

Rogers relays some intel he saw while in the factory.  Rogers recruits the Howling Commandos and Bucky to help him take out the factories.  Rogers works with Howard Stark to develop some gear for him.  Captain America and the Howling Commandos go from factory to factory, destroying each of them.  Rogers is beginning to develop feelings for Peggy.  On a mission to snatch Dr. Zola from a train, Bucky falls off into a canyon.  Phillips interrogates Dr. Zola.  Peggy tries to comfort Rogers after the death of Bucky.  Captain America leads everyone into Hydra’s last base, and while the attack is successful, they aren’t able to stop Red Skull from taking off.  Captain America is able to get onto the plane, kissing Peggy before he goes.  He’s able to stop Red Skull when Red Skull is transported somewhere, or disintegrated, by the cosmic cube when he picks it up.  Unfortunately, Captain America isn’t sure if it’s safe to land the plane anywhere, says good-bye to Peggy, and crashes it in the arctic.  Howard Stark is able to find the cosmic cube, because it fell through the plane, but is unable to find Captain America, despite his best efforts.  Steve Rogers wakes up in a bed, with a baseball game on the radio.  He recognizes that something is wrong because he was at the game that was playing.  He confronts the person that greets him, and bursts through the wall of the room.  He goes outside to find himself in present day Times Square.  Nick Fury approaches him, and tells him what happened.

Stuff specifically related to The Avengers:

  • Steve Rogers is Captain America.
  • He was created as part of the Super Soldier program during World War 2.
  • In his last mission, Captain America was on a plane that crashed, and his make-up allowed being frozen in ice to put him into hibernation.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. has found him in present day, and is trying to re-integrate him into society, and be part of The Avengers.



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