On Chuck Austen

As I return to the dredges of Chuck Austen’s X-Men, I admit that occasionally feel a little bit of guilt in so harshly criticizing the work.  This, after all, was the guy’s biggest contribution to superhero comics and here I am picking it apart bit by bit.

But then I realize that I am not costing Chuck Austen a thing by doing this.  It’s not like I’m keeping the guy from making money by making fun of 8 year old comics.  Hell, I bought his entire run off the shelf, so not only did he make money from these books, he made money from me.

And not only that – these stories are awful, almost to a hysterical point.  I can post an image of disintegrating communion wafers with no commentary on my part, and it’s funny.

So thank you for taking this moment to allow myself to shake any feelings of guilt over this series for being such a meanie.

After all, we still have Juggernaut banging She-Hulk, Archangel impressing Ma Guthrie by having sex with her daughter in front of her, the lasting legacy of Magneto, the search for Cassandra Nova, the second Xorn, blind Gambit and Mammomax, the elephant that walks like a man, still to come.


One comment

  1. Chuck Austen put his work out there for people to buy, you have every right to criticise it.

    Im 30 I’ve been reading comics since I can remember reading and Austens X-Men was a damn depressing experience. Austen just wrote characters wrong, told stupid stories and actually created a love interest (Annie) that seemed more unlikable then a Magneto who put humans into concentration camps.


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