DC Nation – 5/12/12

After missing last week’s episode due to technical difficulties, we welcome you back to our DC Nation recap/review.  This week’s episode of Green Lantern is titled “Flight Club.”  The Green and Red Lanterns try to get a code from a Thanagarian to pass through the Lighthouse.  This week’s episode of Young Justice is titled “Alienated.”  The team continues to deal with the Krolotean invasion, and learn about what happened during the missing 16 hours and the past 5 years.  The short segments include a look at Robin’s collapsible bo staff, a new Teen Titans cartoon, and a new Mad musical cartoon.

Green Lantern:  The Animated Series – “Flight Club”
Hal Jordan is looking for his lantern battery, when they are contacted by Guardian Appa.  He tells them that Atrocitus plans to invade Oa using the the Lighthouse to cross the maelstrom into the Oan zone.  They go back to the prison to speak to Tavaras.  The yellows stones of the prison are making Aya weak, so Razer takes her back to the ship.  Hal and Kilowog find Tavaras, but he’s dead.  He was able to leave a clue as to what to do.  They find Bithrok, a Thanagarian.  Bithrok tells Kilowog that they have to fight the new leader Bumpy in order for him to be able to help.  Kilowog is defeated.  Bithrok volunteers Hal next.  Bithrok explains to Hal Bumpy’s weakness, and Hal is able to take him down.  Bithrok tells Hal that that if he wants the code, him and his men need to be freed, and he wants Tavaras’ ring.  Hal tells him that the ring ran out of juice, and won’t work for him, but Tavaras doesn’t care.  A red alert sounds as the Red Lanterns show up at the prison.  They demand to see the warden.  Bithrok wants the Green Lanterns to save him.  Hal fires Gogan, the warden, and makes Bumpy the warden.  Bumpy meets the Red Lanterns, and leads them to Tavaras.  Bithrok gives the Lanterns the code, but then leaves the group.  Bithrok then betrays the Green Lanterns, and makes a deal with the Red Lanterns.  Bithrok gives the Red Lanterns a different code, and leaves with his reward in the interceptor.  He uses the real code to get through the maelstrom.  It turns out that this was all in Bithrok’s own mind, as they used one of the prison’s mind control devices to get the real code from him.  They run into the Red Lanterns, and are cornered.  Bithrok tells the Green Lanterns that he will help them, but then he and his men just leave through a hole in the ceiling.  Hal lets him leave, and the Red Lanterns come in, and chase them through the ceiling.  The Green Lanterns leave once the Red Lanterns fly off.  The Red Lanterns come up on Bithrok, who had stolen Tavaras’ ring.

Young Justice:  Invasion – “Alienated”
January 5.  Blue Beetle and Bumblebee are chasing Bibbo down an alley, when another Bibbo punches him.  The first Bibbo was a Krolotean.  The Krolotean is able to escape, and boards a ship with Black Manta.  Alan Strange, Miss Martian, Superboy, and Beast Boy return from Rann.  Strange reports that they can block zeta tube access to Earth.  Miss Martian informs them of what she found how the Kroloteans began there invasion by replacing people.  She tells them that during the missing 16 hours, the Leaguers were teleported to Rimwar, where they went on a rampage.  The League’s actions are what made the Kroloteans aware of Earth.  Captain Atom asks John Stewart why he didn’t hear of this from the Green Lanterns.  Stewart tells him he’ll find out.  Martian Manhunter is interrogating a captured Krolotean.  Batman tells Miss Martian that it has been slow getting information.  She quickly gets into the Krolotean’s mind, and tells Batman of a rendezvous point.  Black Manta docks the ship and reports to his father, the real Black Manta.  The first one is revealed to be Aqualad.  January 6.  The Bat-family, with Aquaman and Lagoon Boy, check out the rendezvous point.  The Kroloteans talk about a Competitor trying to out their presence on Earth.  Aqualad learns of intruders.  Back up (Super guys and the Wonder females) comes in as Manta is trying to escape.  During the fight, they realize Aqualad has turned evil.  He turned because he blames them for Tuela’s death during a mission.  Aqualad escapes as the heroes try to evacuate due to a bomb.  The groups gets back to their ship, and find the Martians had been disguised as Kroloteans in order to steal information.  Superman tries to convince the Kroloteans to leave, but they attack him, and their base explodes.  They wonder what Aqualad’s role was.  The bomb was alien, but not the Kroloteans.  Aqualad reports to Black Manta.  Black Manta talks with the Light.  Vandal Savage tells them that the Competitor is a new partner.  The 6 Leaguers say their good-byes as they go to answer for what they did during the 16 hours.

Short Segments

  • A martial artist tests Robin’s collapsible bo staff.
  • New Teen Titans short.  Starfire is babysitting her sister’s kids, when she uncovers a nefarious plot by her sister.
  • A new Mad cartoon musical number about the Super Friends.

I’m starting to notice a trend.  It seems like the bits of story are there simply so there is a context to the fighting.  Because really, this episode doesn’t make any sense.  So, the Guardians put up a barrier called the Lighthouse between their space, and the forbidden zone.  But it was so long ago that no one remembers what the code was.  But now the Red Lanterns are searching for someone that has actually found the code.  That I understand.  But why do the Green Lanterns need the code?  Shouldn’t they be able to get through on the basis of being Green Lanterns.  But beside that, how did the Green Lanterns get to where the Red Lanterns are, and vice versa, if there’s a barrier with a code between them?  It doesn’t make any sense.

And I am not happy with Young Justice.  Two weeks ago, I thought the five year skip was a bad move.  Now, I know it is.  This is lazy storytelling, if it can be called storytelling at all.  There was no reason to have Aqualad turn evil in the last 5 years other than to shock the viewer with the reveal.  But it’s a lazy reveal.  I call it lazy because you don’t actually have to do any work to get to this point.  It’s lots of telling and no showing.  In doing so, they miss the chance to send the viewers on what would have been a good emotional ride.  I’m not saying turning Aqualad evil is a bad thing.  But let us see what happens to start him down this path.  Let us see what he goes through during his decent.  Let us see what happens when he finally turns on his teammates.  This could have been a powerful, emotional storyline.  But instead, it’s a very quick throwaway for shock value.  It’s no way to tell good stories.

There’s not much to say about the shorts.  Although, Ted Kord does make an appearance in the Mad cartoon.

See you next week.


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  1. I really do see your point about the Aqualad story but this is a story about the Titans and not just Aqualad. At most could have only given him a couple of minutes a show then no surprise and all for a character that sadly most people don’t care about.


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