Marvel Universe – 5/13/12

After a brief break due to technical difficulties, we are back with this week’s edition of Marvel Universe.  Today’s episode of Ultimate Spider-man is titled “Back in Black.”  Spider-man has to deal with an imposter in a black Spider-man costume, while dealing with a cold.  Today’s episode of The Avengers is titled “Who Do You Trust.”  Nick Fury returns to fill Tony Stark in on the Skrull threat.  Today’s short segments include a look at creating Iron Man’s suit, Fury Files featuring the Skrulls, Joe Quesada draws the Hulk, and more Marvel Mash-ups.

Ultimate Spider-man – “Back in Black”
Peter Parker has the flu.  A robotic gargoyle type thing attacks the city.  Someone dressed up in the black Spider-man costume quickly takes care of it, while Peter watches on tv.  Suddenly, everyone loves this dressed in black Spider-man.  Spider-man meets with Fury and the team to discuss this new guy.  Spider-man tells everyone that this is Venom, but no one believes him, thinking he’s just jealous.  Spider-man goes off to find this new guy, still really sick.  Another robotic gargoyle type thing attacks the city, and again the Spider-man in black stops him.  As he’s posing for a kid, Spider-man confronts him.  But the new guy just mocks him and leaves.  Norman Osborn meets with Octavious about this new Spider-man.  At school, Harry Osborn tells Peter that he’s the guy in black, and is using the symbiote,  He keeps it in a watch type thing.  Peter is in disbelief.  He questions why Harry is using this thing that destroyed his house.  Peter tries to convince Harry that he shouldn’t be using this thing, but a flash of anger shows up in Harry as he leaves.  Harry tries to tell his father, but Norman isn’t interested in what Harry has to say.  Spider-man doesn’t tell Fury that he knows who the new Spider-man is.  Spider-man runs into one of the robots that have been rampaging, when Harry takes it down.  Harry is angry and lashes out at the crowd.  Harry fights Spider-man.  The Venom personality starts to come out.  Venom and Spider-man burst into Oscorp, but Spider-man kicks Venom out before anything can be revealed.  Eventually, Spider-man is able to defeat Venom by electrocuting him.  Spider-man catches Harry as he falls.  Harry thanks Spider-man for saving him.  Octavious discovered that Harry was Venom, but doesn’t tell Norman.  Spider-man still doesn’t tell Fury that Harry was Venom.  Harry is sleeping when part of the symbiote crawls out of his ear.  Spider-man meets with the rest of the team, only to find that he’s gotten the rest of them sick.

The Avengers:  Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – “Who Do You Trust”
Maria Hill is woken up by Nick Fury and Mockingbird.  He tells Hill that she can’t trust anyone around her, and gives her a disc.  They escape before security comes in. Tony, Clint, Jan, and Steve welcome Carol into the Avengers.  Quake is jogging through Central Park when she’s approached by a monster named Mr. Horton.  She hits it with something, and it flies off.  The monsters fly by the Avengers, and they race off to stop it.  Tony stays behind to pay and buy pizza for the Hulk, but he’s knocked out by the Black Widow.  She’s taken him to see Fury at his safe house.  Fury shows him the Madame Viper Skrull.  Fury fills Tony in on how they discovered the Skrulls.  Fury tells him that she received two transmissions.  One from inside the Helicarrier, and one from inside Avengers Mansion.  The Avengers are fighting Mr. Horton.  Hawkeye and Wasp are standing back, offering advice to Ms. Marvel as she’s fighting him.  Mockingbird explains to Tony that Viper kept Hawkeye from being executed for some reason.  Back at the mansion, everyone comes back, Iron Man is secretly checking people out, until Black Panther spots him.  Iron Man fills everyone in on what Fury told him.  He tells Hawkeye that he’s the suspect.  Ms. Marvel wants to take him back to S.W.O.R.D. for questioning, but Hawkeye is not receptive to this.  They have a fight, but Captain America stops it.  Iron Man says he can’t trust any of them, that the Avengers are over, and flies off.  Ms. Marvel flies off also.  Captain America says that he’ll lead the remaining members (Hulk, Hawkeye, Wasp).  Fury and Quake were watching all of the previous events.  Fury believes Iron Man is the real deal.  Black Panther returned to Wakanda to prepare it for invasion.  Captain America goes back to the warehouse and tells his queen that things went according to plan.  The Queen turns out to be Mockingbird.

Short segments
What Would It Take:  Morgan talks to a Hollywood effects studio about what goes into designing Iron Man’s suit.
Fury Files featuring the Skrulls.
Marvel Master Class:  Joe Quesada draws the Hulk (replay).
Marvel Mash-ups

I have no new complaints about this show.  This episode did a fine job continuing the story of Venom.  I think the entire sickness thing was just odd and gross, unless they do something with this sickness bit.  But I highly doubt that will happen.  Though, I do hand it to them for stating how awful of an idea it would be to let Spider-man’s secret identity out.  And maybe it’s just me, because I’m really not the target demographic, but the one-liners and cut away segments are getting really boring.  It started out cute and funny, but it really isn’t any more.  I’m not sure why exactly.  Maybe because it was something new in the beginning, but now it has been greatly over-used.

I thought this was a really good episode.  I thought they did a good job of portraying the paranoia associated with this type of invasion.  I liked the reveal that Mockingbird is a Skrull.  It’s nice way to show that the Skrulls could be anywhere, especially since one has been able to infiltrate Fury’s inner circle.  I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next in this storyline, and who is the Skrull within S.H.I.E.L.D., since I would assume that Mockingbird would have already been with Fury when the transmission was sent from the Helicarrier.

It may just be me, but why would you spoil scenes from the upcoming episode of The Avengers during the Fury Files segment?  They show Fury meeting with Stark, which is minor.  The main quibble is with them showing the confrontation with the Avengers, and highlighting that Hawkeye is the one that a suspect.  It’s just unnecessary.  And come on Quesada.  This was another repeat of a Master Class.  What’s the matter?  You couldn’t do enough of these segments, or find others like J. Scott Campbell, to fill the entire season.


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