Because superheroes need to buy things

Are you a superhero?  While saving the world, or just out on patrol, do you find it difficult to buy things?  After all, there’s no place to carry a wallet full of cash on your spandex costume.  And sure, you have your personal credit card, but what’s the point of keeping a secret identity if you’re just going to leave a paper trail saying that you were always in the same location as your alter ego?  Well, I have a solution for you.

Gothcard presents the Supercard!

You too can get your logo on your own credit card.  Unlike most banks, Gothcard doesn’t actually need to know who you are in order to issue you credit.  They just trust that you’ll be able to pay.  Gothcard also doesn’t worry about pesky little details like real billing addresses.  If you tell us that your billing address is the Batcave or Fortress of Solitude, Gothcard will take your word for it.  After all, you’re a hero, and would never lie to your financial institution.  Gothcard will send your bill much like letters to Santa, and have faith that you’ll get it.

And because you’re a busy superhero, Gothcard doesn’t want you to have to worry about other pesky details like expiration dates.  That’s why your card will be good forever.  After all, it would be embarrassing for some minimum wage store clerk to tell someone with the power of a god that their credit card has been declined.

As an added bonus, if you happen to meet your untimely demise, and someone steps in to take your place, the card can be transferred to them.  If you go by the name on the card, Gothcard doesn’t care if you are the one the card was issued to or not.

So remember, if you’re a hero and may need to buy things, remember the name Gothcard.

*Unfortunately, Gothcard does not have the ability to imprint the credit card number on the card itself.  This will only be a problem if you’re trying to order things online, or if the store you visit’s credit card reader isn’t working, and they have to manually swipe the card to create a carbon copy.



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