On Avengers vs. X-Men

I still see people loving it all over the place, but to me Avengers vs. X-Men is not a very enjoyable story.

Maybe it’s that I have to reference four different issues to try to find out how Wolverine is at his school to confront Cyclops in Wolverine and the X-Men #10 when a couple weeks earlier Captain America booted him into the Antarctic tundra and I don’t think Wolverine had time to head home before that.

Maybe it’s that between all of my books becoming fight scenes, I keep seeing the likes of Thing, Namor and Colossus while there are dozens of X-Men and Avengers that could be used in these sequences.

Perhaps it’s because the plot has become contrived in favor of getting all the pieces in the correct spot so you can have more fighting.  In a twelve issue series written by six writers working together, you’d think you could get more cohesion (or at least thought) into your plot.

I’ll go into details with the upcoming eXaminations.



  1. For big events I often buy the trades because I just want the main story but the last few biggies just seemed like they had no depth between the set up and concluding chapters.

    For a recent example Fear Itself’s main threat was the heroes and villains who had been changed by the various hammers but they had little more then cameos in the main book (or in the case of the Grey Gargoyle two panels), as 90% of what they did happened in the various FI tie ins, while most of the story was heroes and Asgardians talking about how screwed they were. In contrast Spider-Mans Spider Island event played itself out in one title while the Venom tie ins (which were included in the trade) could be skipped over without losing any of the story.

    Because of this and the fact Every single Hero in the Marvel U seems to been in an issue of some kind of Avengers since the “Heroic Age” kicked and the X teams seem to consist of people like Namor, Deadpool, Cloak and Dagger who don’t have any business wearing an X, I don’t even know how you can clearly define them anymore.


    • I agree with you completely. I dislike the “everyone in” format for the teams lately, though at least for a while the X-Men’s made sense as all the mutants had gathered on the West Coast.

      With “Regenesis” the Cyclops faction set their roster with the Extinction Team in Uncanny, Storm’s group in “X-Men” and the kids in “Generation Hope”. Wolverine’s faction books were more disjointed, but that may have been the point, especially shown in Wolverine & the X-Men.

      Nevermind for a moment that Storm was on two X-Men teams as well as the Avengers.

      As for the Avengers reboot in Heroic Age, I hated that Wolverine and Spider-Man were both on two Avengers teams, especially when the New Avengers team was specifically created for the heroes that didn’t like Steve Rogers’ view set up with the main Avengers. How could you have anyone on both teams? Worse is that they were both written by the SAME writer with the same editorial staff.

      As for this? I think they’re wasting the return of the Phoenix big time by having it covered up in all of these pointless battles.


  2. I’m still waiting for them to convincingly explain why Cyclops would see the return of the Phoenix as a good thing. Considering his past experience with the Phoenix force, just saying he “feels” it’s returning to restart the mutant population is not a good enough explanation.


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