DC Nation – 5/19/12

Welcome to this week’s edition of DC Nation.  Today’s episode of Green Lantern is titled “Invasion.”  Hal and the gang try to keep the Red Lanterns from using the Lighthouse.  Today’s episode of Young Justice is titled “Salvage.”  A group tries to reach out to Red Arrow, while Superboy and Blue Beetle find their own Intergang problems.  The short segments include a profile on Animal Man, and a two part Vibe cartoon.

Green Lantern:  The Animated Series – “Invasion”
Atrocitus interrogates Byth Rok to get the code to the Lighthouse from him, but Byth Rok does not give in.  Hal and Kilowog want to destroy the Lighthouse, while Razer wants to go back Oa and get reinforcements.  The castaways on Mogo want to get off to join the Red Lanterns.  Saint Walker talks with Mogo, who tells him to climb to find the savior from the Red Lanterns.  Hal and the gang arrive at the Lighthouse, and are able to make it through the gateway.  Security measures at the Lighthouse attack the group.  Hal, Kilowog, and Razer leave the ship to try to disable the measures, but are attacked by a group of Red Lanterns.  The Green Lanterns are forced to retreat.  A Red Lantern ship comes to the castaways, where Zartok begs Atrocitus to let him join.  Saint Walker wants to attack the Red Lanterns, but Mogo tells him that they are not his concern.  Aya tells Hal that the Red Lantern armada will be there shortly.  They form a plan with Aya flying in the energy beams forming the gateway.  Aya makes it to the Lighthouse undetected.  She was able to deactivate the defenses, but was spotted by the Red Lanterns.  However, she’s able to turn the Lighthouse’s defenses on the Red Lanterns.  Atrocitus catches up to the Green Lanterns in his ship.  Razer detonates the Lighthouse.  The Green Lanterns are able to escape the asteroid belt, but Atrocitus was able to as well.  Saint Walker reaches the top of the mountain, and asks to be shown the savior, shown hope.  Hal, Kilowog, and Razer investigate Atrocitus’ disabled ship to bring him in.  They get there and the ship self destructs.  Saint Walker is not sway by the lack of a savior being show, and is presented with a blue lantern and ring.  Hal, Kilowog, and Razer fly back to their ship, but it starts attacking them.  Aya has been taken over by Drusa, who was chosen by Atrocitus instead of Zartok.  Atrocitus flies off, blowing up the liberators that he had left in the asteroid belt.  This opens up a hole for the armada to fly through.

Young Justice:  Invasion – “Salvage”
February 13.  Red Arrow takes down a robber.  He sneaks a bit of the money the robber took, before giving it back to the owner.  Green Arrow saw this.  The Zeta Shield is installed, keeping aliens from teleporting in.  Superboy wants to talk to Nightwing, but he’s not around.  He sees Lagoon Boy and Miss Martian getting intimate, and drags Jamie Reyes away.  Green Arrow, Nightwing, Wally West, Black Canary, and Guardian confront Red Arrow.  He says he needs the money to find Speedy, since the rest of them have given up.  Blue Beetle and Superboy investigate where the bomb came from by following a couple members of Intergang, Manheim and Whisper.  They follow them to the Hall of Justice.  Blue Beetle informs Superboy about the Scarab being an artificial intelligence.  Manheim activates a device that brings some monsters in the Hall of Justice to life.  Superboy fights the monsters.  Blue Beetle tries to help, but it backfires and knocks him and Superboy out.  Manheim and Whisper fly away with the monster.  Green Arrow and the group try to bring Red Arrow home, but he doesn’t want to give up searching for Speedy.  Guardian tells him that The Light would not have kept him alive.  Superboy and Blue Beetle catch up to Manheim and Whisper.  They break the device controlling the monster, and it attacks everyone.  The monster approaches a nuclear power plant, while Taskmaster and a mysterious figure watch.  Blue Beetle traps Manheim and Whisper, and they take off to stop the monster.  Nightwing and Wally West tell Red Arrow that he’s they friend, because they never knew the original Speedy.  Red Arrow doesn’t care, and leaves.  Blue Beetle is able to communicate with the monster, and learn of how much pain it is in.  Superboy tells it that they can help it, but the mysterious figure shoots its own sonic beam at it and destroys it.  Superboy and Blue Beetle return to Manheim and Whisper to find them unresponsive.  February 14.  Wally West returns home to Artemis and tells her that things did not go well with Red Arrow.  Red Arrow returns home to find Cheshire, who is his legal wife.  Cheshire shows Red Arrow their daughter.  She tells him that she got a lead on a final chance to find Speedy.

Short segments

  • A profile about Animal Man.
  • A two- part Vibe cartoon where Vibe competes in a break-dancing contest.

I still don’t understand this whole Lighthouse thing.  Seriously.  It separates the Forbidden Zone from Oan Zone.  But, Hal and the gang have been on the Forbidden side this entire time.  That means that every place they have visited has also been on the other side of this barrier.  That doesn’t make any sense.  But I digress.  If you ignore that plot hole, this episode was fine.  We finally, kind of, get Saint Walker becoming a Blue Lantern.  (He’s presented with the lantern and ring, but we don’t see him put it on.)  The reveal that Drusa had taken over Aya was pretty good.  I look forward to what is bound to be a giant fight in the next episode.  Of course, I’m wondering how Hal, Kilowog, and Razer are going to make it back to Oa in time to do anything.  After all, they don’t have a ship anymore.  And if they’re able to get back to Oa using their rings as fast as they could using a ship, then that would make having a ship pointless.

I liked this episode of Young Justice.  We got some more revelations about what happened during the 5-year span.  Wally West and Artemis are still a couple, Red Arrow married Cheshire when she went good for a while, and Speedy still has not been found.  I’m okay with not seeing these.  Wally and Artemis haven’t changed from where we left.  Red Arrow’s marriage to a reformed Cheshire doesn’t bug me because he wasn’t really that big of a character.  It’s not like he was the leader of the group, and turned evil during the 5-year gap.  (Hint:  that’s Aqualad.)  So, the only big question left to answer is what happened between Miss Martian and Superboy.  Well, also why Artemis and Wally quit being superheroes, but I don’t consider that to be important for where the show is.  Oh, we also learned that Ted Kord exists in this universe, and is something of a super genius.  He invented the scarab that Blue Beetle uses.  Unfortunately, Ted Kord is DEAD!!!!!

I didn’t know Vibe even existed, so I had to look up this character.  Apparently, he was a member of the Detroit Justice League, was killed by Professor Ivo a few years later, was a Black Lantern during Blackest Night, and was shown on the foldout teaser in DC’s 2012 FCBD issue.  The cartoon was kind of boring though.

See you next week.


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