The Amazing Spider-Man’s Four Minute “Super Preview”

After the jump is the four minute long “super preview” that Columbia Pictures has released for their Spider franchise reboot The Amazing Spider-Man. It’s really just a couple minutes of new footage followed by stuff we’ve already seen from the trailers already released. And while two minutes might not be a lot, I honestly wasn’t looking forward to this movie until now. I mean, I knew it was happening and knew I was going to go see it. It’s a Spider-Man movie; let’s not kid ourselves here. But after seeing the initial previews all I could muster in the way of enthusiasm was a hearty “That looks okay, I guess.” However, something about this “super preview” does it for me.

Visually, the movie looks great and Andrew Garfield seems to have the character down. How the rest of the cast & story will play out, I can’t really say. I’m also not sure what to make of the “Spider-Man’s greatest secrets will be revealed” plot line they’re trying to build. They already make good on that promise within the first minute of the preview when Spidey takes his mask off in public. Was this written by Brian Michael Bendis?

The movie hits theaters July 3.

For some reason YouTube won’t let me embed the trailer. Watch it here:


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