DC Nation – 5/26/12

Welcome to this week’s edition of DC Nation.  Today’s episode of Green Lantern is titled “Homecoming.”  The Red Lanterns arrive at Oa.  Today’s episode of Young Justice is titled “Beneath.”  The Alpha Team heads to Bialya to investigate Boom Tube usage, while Jamie Reyes looks for his friend.  The short segments include a profile of Animal Man (might be a repeat), part one of an Atom cartoon, and a new Super Best Friends Forever cartoon.

Green Lantern:  The Animated Series – “Homecoming”
Hal and Razer fly off to implement their plan, while Kilowog tries to buy them some time.  Atrocitus, aboard the Interceptor, arrive at Oa.  Using Aya, they trick their way onto Oa.  Hal Jordan wakes up to find himself on Earth, where he sees Carol.  Atrocitus and his forces land on Oa, and attack some Guardians.  Hal is having dinner with Carol, but seems a bit out of it and doesn’t remember what has been going on.  Kilowog does his best to fight off the Red Lantern armada.  Carol tries to make Hal remember being a Green Lantern by going to Ferris Air and showing him his Lantern.  This causes Hal to remember.  Razer and He went to Zamaron to ask the Star Sapphires for help.  Hal convinces them to teleport him back to Earth, despite of the possible consequences.  Hal kisses Carol, and flies off.  While fighting, Kilowog experiences a power boost.  This cam from the presence of the Blue Lantern Saint Walker.  Along with Saint Walker, Mogo joins the fight against the armada.  Atrocitus and his group are able to overpower Salaak, and get to the Guardians.  However, Hal Jordan is there waiting for them.  Hal tells Atrocitus that he’s right to feel rage towards the Guardians, but what he’s doing is wrong.  Drusa is attempting to delete Aya’s higher functions when Razer teleports in and saves her.  Using Saint Walker to boost Mogo’s power, they are able to stop the armada.  Hal is fighting Atrocitus, while the Guardians watch.  Hal is able to overcome Atrocitus.  Hal tries to reason with Zilius Zox.  The Guardians promise to make restitution in the Forgotten Zone.  Zilius agrees, as Atrocitus is taken to the prison.  Razer avoids the question of how he got to Oa so quickly.  The Guardians go to thank Hal, but he flies back to Earth. 

Young Justice – “Beneath”
February 18.  Jamie Reyes gets a distressing call a friend, but that friend is taken before he can reach him.  February 19.  Nightwing sends the Alpha team to Bialya to investigate an increase in Boom Tube technology.  Jamie visits his friend’s house, looking for clues.  Jamie finds that Ty and his mother’s boyfriend had an argument, and he ran off.  The Alpha team tries to infiltrate a base, leaving Wonder Girl behind to stay on lookout because she’s not good at stealth.  She spots some villain, including Psimon entering the facility.  Wonder Girl is able to get inside to alert Miss Martian to Psimon’s presence.  However, she is spotted trying to leave.  Jamie talks with Ty’s grandfather, who hasn’t seen him in a few weeks.  He says Maurice was always jealous of Ty’s father and now Ty’s position in the tribe.  The grandfather says Maurice plays no part in Ty’s journey, or Jamie’s journey to find peace within himself.  Bumblebee runs into Batgirl in the  air shafts.  Trying to make their way out, they come across a large chamber that has people, runaways, in stasis pods, but Psimon knocks her out.  Psimon puts Batgirl into one of the pods.  The pods are loaded onto a cargo plane.  Jamie is attacked by Maurice.  Jamie accuses Maurice of doing something to Ty, but finds out that he had nothing to do with it.  Bumblebee meets up with Miss Martian and Wonder Girl, and tells them that Batgirl has been captured.  Bumblebee is able to free Batgirl, while Miss Martian deals with Psimon.  Wonder Girl keeps Devastation from stopping the plane that Batgirl is trying to take off in.  However, the wings are broken off, and Miss Martian and Wonder Girl keep the plane from crashing.  They tell Nightwing that the Bialyans were kidnapping these kids for an unknown person.  Queen Bee tells her cronies that it is good they already had a second shipment ready.  Jamie’s friend Ty is in this second shipment.

Short Segments

  • Profile of Animal Man.
  • The Atom crashes his plane in the rainforest, and has to deal with the dangers there that come from being 6 inches tall.
  • The Super Best Friends Forever fight with Cheetah while arguing about calling themselves the Super Best Friends Forever.

I think this was the season finale, and if that’s the case, it did a pretty good job of wrapping up the season.  Although, I was hoping for something a bit bigger.  Yes, it was cool to see Kilowog, Saint Walker, and Mogo take down the entire armada, but it would have been cooler to see the entire Green Lantern Corps in action.  I think I understand why the Star Sapphires couldn’t just teleport Hal to Oa like they later did with Razer.  It seems that they can only teleport you to someone that you love.  For Hal, that was Carol on Earth.  For Razer, that was Aya on Oa.  It’s a nice touch.

This was an okay episode.  It highlighted several of the new characters, but didn’t really do a lot of characterization for them.  Although, I like the struggle between Jamie Reyes and the AI within the scarab.  I really don’t have much to say about this episode, probably because it didn’t really answer any questions.  That, and I’m not certain the kidnappings will really lead to anything interesting.

See you next week.


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