Harley Quinn’s Revenge

Harley Quinn’s Revenge is the latest downloadable content (commonly known as DLC) for Batman:  Arkham City.  Unlike the previous DLC for the game, which has included character skins and challenge maps, this is a new chapter in the story of the game.  It should go without saying, but this happens after the ending events of the game.  And if you don’t know how the game ends, I’m not going to spoil it for you, but I imagine the title of the DLC might give it away.  Either way, the DLC does kindly tell all of this, in an attempt to not ruin anything for someone that has not finished the game yet.

But anyways, let’s take a look at what we have.  There are going to be spoilers, but there aren’t really any major plot twists or major revelations to worry about.  The story starts some time after the end of Arkham City.  Batman has been missing for 2 days, after going back into the Steel Mill because Harley Quinn has abducted several police officers.  Robin, with Oracle in his ear, goes searching for him.  They’re both worried about how Batman has been acting since the end of Arkham City.  Robin fights his way past Harley Quinn’s henchmen, and comes across Batman’s utility belt. 

There is a flashback to two days ago.  Batman approaches Commissioner Gordon, and is filled in on what Quinn has done, and says he’ll handle.  He finds one cop, and overhears where the others were taken to.  After finding codes to get into the area, Batman secures the area.  As he’s freeing the cop, Quinn shows up, goes to shoot the cop, but Batman takes the bullet to the chest, knocking him out.

Robin continues his search and finds Batman meditating in an airtight cage, with his oxygen running out.  Robin finds Harley, subdues her, and gets the key card to free Batman.  After fighting his way through more henchmen, Robin is able to free Batman.  Quinn then announces that she has bombs set up around the mill.  Batman takes care of the bombs, while Robin takes care cops.  After dismantling most of the bombs, Batman returns to Harley with the last bomb.  She tricks him into thinking that it’s set to go off remotely, when actually it’s on a timer.  The bomb explodes, but Batman and Harley survive the blast.  She acts like she knows that the explosion has killed Robin.  This agitates Batman.  She goes to stab Batman in the back, but Robin stops her.

While there’s nothing spectacular about this extra little chapter, it is a solid addition to the game.  The voice acting is still top-notch.  Plus, we get to see a bit more of Robin.  How can you go wrong with that?  Answer, you can’t.  I’m not sure if this is supposed to be Jason Todd, Tim Drake, or Damian Wayne (Nightwing is a playable character, so it’s not Dick Grayson), but it doesn’t really matter.  However, I would say the personality is closer to an older Dick Grayson though.  But either way, it’s a nice contrast to Batman.

Playing as Robin is also a nice change of pace.  Unless you play the challenge maps (I don’t really), then you haven’t had much of a chance to play as Robin.  And he does have a different feel to him.  It does take a little bit of time to get a feel for his gadgets and capabilities.  For instance, it seemed to me that his ground takedown is a little bit faster than Batman’s.  Either that, or it’s easier to counter out of.  Or it’s all in my head.

There was also a tease of some other issue that Gordon needs to talk to Batman about.  Not sure if that might be more DLC, or the next game.  Time will tell.

So, now for the big question, is the DLC worth its $9.99 price?  I think so.  It took me about 3 hours or so to play through, but I stayed pretty focused on the task at hand, and didn’t really go looking for other things to do, like popping all of Harley’s balloons.


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