A fighting game for the New 52

I’m not normally the type of person to post trailers for movies or games, but I came across this trailer on the blog Joystiq for the game Injustice:  Gods Among Us, and just had to post it.

To me, it looks ridiculous.  The Flash’s armor highlights the worst of the New 52 redesigns.  On the comic page, I haven’t really minded it being armor, because all it has added are a few lines for seems, but here, it’s a bit over accentuated.  And oh yeah, Wonder Woman is wearing pants.  It looks kinda like what was supposed to be in the Wonder Woman TV show.  Guess the developers were planning on that show still being around.  Or have been around to begin with.

I’m not much of a fighting game fan, but the thought of having two different classes of fighter, power and gadget, sounds somewhat interesting.  These classes determine how the character interacts with the environment.


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