DC Nation – 6/2/12

Welcome to this week’s edition of DC Nation.  With last week’s season finale of Green Lantern, there was only a new episode of Young Justice.  Today’s episode of Young Justice is titled “Bloodlines.”  A speedster from the future comes to the present on a mission.  The short segments included part 2 of the story featuring The Atom, and a new Teen Titans cartoon.  There was likely a third thing in there, but since Green Lantern was a rerun, my DVR did not record it.

Young Justice:  Invasion – “Bloodlines”
February 28.  Nightwing is going through Krolotaen intel gathered by Martian Manhunter that says they were searching for a metagene.  Nightwing is interrupted when a device materializes within the cave.  Out pops someone who takes the name Impulse.  Eventually, Nightwing is able to subdue Impulse.  Red Arrow and Cheshire continue they’re search for the real Roy Harper.  Impulse says his name is Bart Allen, and he’s from the future.  Impulse tries to prove who is by knowing Nightwing and Robin’s real names, which is news to Beast Boy.  Someone arrives at the cave, and Impulse takes the opportunity to vibrate out of his cuffs and escapes.  Nightwing tracks Impulse to Central City, and warns Barry Allen that Impulse.  Impulse gets to Barry, and calls him grandpa.  Barry questions how this is possible since he doesn’t have any kids, and Iris tells him she’s pregnant.  Wally West also shows up, having been called by Nightwing.  Iris gets a call from her boss at GBS, informing her that there’s a new villain downtown calling for Flash’s blood.  Impulse tries to convince Flash to let the League handle things, but Flash runs off.  Impulse chases off after him.  Flash and Impulse are unable to get close to this guy, Neutron, because of a wave he is emitting.  Apparently, this villain is being controlled by the Krolotaens.  Red Arrow and Cheshire try to infiltrate a building, but are captured. 

Kid Flash shows up to help.  They create a wind vortex that traps Neutron.  Neutron’s power is overloaded, and he explodes.  Neutron is able to put himself back together, but doesn’t know what’s going on.  However, Neutron is even more unstable this time.  Flash worries that his next explosion will be bigger and wants to run him to the desert.  Impulse trips Flash up, so that Flash can’t reach him.  They are both then rescued by Kid Flash and Jay Garrick.  Impulse sneaks back to Neutron, giving him some device that helps develop a human form.  Red Arrow and Cheshire fight their way past their captors, and find the real Roy Harper.  Back at the cave, Nightwing confirms that Impulse is who he says he is.  Impulse says his good-byes, and gets back into his time machine.  However, the time machine doesn’t go anywhere.  Impulse comes back out, and says the machine is broken and that he’s stuck there.  Forty years in the future, Bart Allen is shown prepping the time machine.  Neutron says he should go with him, but the time machine only seats one.  Neutron tells Bart that the time jump will fry the circuits and it will be a one way trip, but Bart doesn’t want to come back to this future anyways.  Bart has to go in order to save Flash and Neutron.  Neutron gives him the device to save him.  Bart gets into costume and leaves.  Neutron’s clothing change, but nothing else around him changes.

Short Segments

  • Part 2 of the Atom cartoon.
  • New Teen Titans cartoon in which Cyborg is a lifeguard.  A terrible lifeguard.

It seems fitting that Peter David would be the one to write Impulse’s introduction to the show.  (Though this isn’t the first episode he’s written.)  Peter David just always did such a wonderful job of writing a very hyperactive Impulse.  And that’s exactly what we get here.  Mostly.  It is revealed that the hyperactivity is a bit of a show, because he doesn’t act that way in the future.  It’s kinda like what Booster Gold does.  Or, it really could be that he’s just this excited to be around people that he’s grown up idolizing.  Either way works, really.  There was also a really great moment when Flash says that he’ll “be back in a flash.”  Impulse asks the rest of the family if he always does that, and everyone groans.  It was also shown that Kid Flash isn’t as fast as Flash or Impulse.


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