Some Marvel news from E3

Saturday, I told you about Injustice, DC’s new fighting game.  Now, I’m here telling you about Marvel’s new game, titled Avengers:  Battle for Earth.  This game will be released for XBox Kinect and Wii U.  According to the CBR article, Ubisoft hasn’t really said what type of game it will be, but will be based on the Secret Invasion storyline.  But judging from the screen shots on the article, it really looks like a fighting game.  Here’s the trailer.

[ width=”480″ height=”300″]


One comment

  1. That trailer sums up my thoughts on the breakdown of Marvel’s “categories” of characters in favor of putting every single character everywhere. This is an Avengers game, but the advertised heroes and villains are Spider-Man and X-Men (Wolverine, Venom, Spider-Man, Storm, Magneto). Not until the very end does anyone who actually was an Avenger pre-Bendis appear.


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