Fun stuff in Batman, Inc. #1

While I didn’t make any of this stuff the “Panel of the Month,” there was some fun in Batman, Inc. #1.  The first panel has a nice little Easter egg.  Well, I find it neat, and I like when artists throw in these little things.  See if you can spot it.  The answer, and more, after the break.

Did you see it?

The “Dark Tower” bag is a reference to the restaurant chain White Castle.  Well, I use the term “restaurant” loosely.  For those that have never heard of White Castle, they are the ones that started the “sliders” mini-burger.  Though, I cringe anytime someone tries to use the term “slider” for their mini-burgers, because with White Castle, “slider” has a different meaning.  Their burgers will slide right through you.  But with that, they are still a fine after midnight snack.

Also in Batman, Inc. #1 was this panel.  Any other month and it would have been the “Panel of the Month.”  Batman and Robin had just finished fighting a bunch of bad guys in a butcher shop.


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