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This month’s “Top 5” list are my top 5 Robins.  It might be cheating a bit in that there have only been 5 different Robins in main continuity, but shut up.  This is the order that I rank them.  If you disagree, state your case.

5. Stephanie Brown Stephanie Brown started as Spoiler, and was mostly known as being the romantic interest of Tim Drake.  When Tim resigned as Robin, Stephanie volunteered to fill his role.  However, she quickly failed as Robin and was fired.  To redeem herself, she stole and implemented some of Batman’s plans, which started a cluster&@$%, and resulted in her “death.”  (War Drums, War Games)  But everything was revealed to be a-okay when Chuck Dixon returned to write Robin, and didn’t want to believe that anything had changed between now and when he left.  She’d later go on to Batgirl, until the New 52 relaunch sent her to limbo.
4. Jason Todd Jason Todd was so well liked that people voted for him to die.  At least, that’s how the story goes.  And really, the most memorable thing about him is that Joker killed him with a crowbar.  Well, brutally injured him with a crowbar, and killed him with an explosion.  Realistically, he probably wasn’t that bad of a Robin.  He just had the rotten luck of following Dick Grayson’s 40+ years of being Robin.  We’ll call him the George Lazenby of Robin’s.  He’d later go on to be brought back from the dead.  At first it was unknown how, and the Under the Red Hood storyline was actually pretty good.  Unfortunately, they revealed how he was brought back to life, and it involved Superboy Prime punching the time wall.  Yeah, some things should remain mysteries.
3. Damien Wayne Damien Wayne is the son of Talia Al Ghul and Bruce Wayne, and is the current Robin.  Damien was introduced early on in Grant Morrison’s run on Batman, and has been a thorn in the Bat Family’s side ever sense.  But, that’s the charm of Damien.  He’s not like any of the previous Robins.  He’s not haunted by his past.  He’s not trying to prove anything.  He may not even really want to be a hero.  He’s just an arrogant brat that believes he’s better than everyone else.   He’s there because he’s Bruce Wayne’s son, and therefore the heir to Bruce Wayne, which means, to him, being the heir to Batman.
2. Dick Grayson Ah, the original Robin.  He lasted quite some time as Robin, and I’ll admit that I haven’t read a lot of those older comics.  But from what I have read, it seemed like the best things done with Dick Grayson were near the end of his run as Robin.  This would be when he started to venture away from Batman, and was leader of the Teen Titans.  Otherwise, he was really just nothing more than Batman’s sidekick.  Of course, Dick Grayson did essentially establish the sidekick.  (Go ahead, show me the list of earlier sidekicks that you think I’m overlooking.)
1. Tim Drake I might be biased because this is the Robin I was introduced with, but I do believe that Tim Drake is the greatest of the Robins.  First, he used his detective skills to figure out who Batman and Nightwing were.  He then believed in Batman so much, that he volunteered to be Robin because it needed to be done.  He believed that Batman needed to have a Robin.  He had no reason to do this, other than it was the right thing to do.  He didn’t have a broken childhood.  Well, until his father was killed during Identity Crisis.  But, Bruce Wayne did end up adopting him, making him his son, instead of his ward.  Tim Drake would go on to become Red Robin after the events of Battle for the Cowl, and work solo.  On the publishing side of things, Tim Drake was the star of his solo title for 209 issues, if you combine Robin and Red Robin.  This run was stopped with the launch of the New 52.

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