Around the Web

This month’s “Around the Web” features a comic titled “Cloudscratcher.”  The comic is written and drawn by Cody Baier.

On the comic’s FAQ page is the following description of the comic:

Cloudscratcher is the story of a group of freedom fighters in their struggles against the Margoth Empire. Squaring off in a world high above the clouds, where people build their civilizations atop craggy mountains and lifeless plateaus, the crew of the Cloudscratcher–a motley crew of various heroes of great skill, all united by lives torn apart by the Empire’s machinations–fight the seemingly endless fight for the future. It won’t be an easy fight, however, as the Margoth Empire boasts superior numbers, advanced technology, and leaders that are as skilled as they are ruthless. And making matters worse, a terrifying new Emperor has taken control, and under his rule, the Empire has grown even stronger, and their goal of complete global domination seems to creep ever-closer…

Cody also says that the comic was inspired by the 1990s Disney animated shows, and the Don Bluth animated movies from the time.  I can see that.  The art style is very reminisent of the Bluth films, while the content of the strip is pretty kid friendly.  But, there’s nothing wrong with that.  It is a serious story told in a lighthearted way.  With the opening dog fight (airplanes, not two dogs fighting, though one pilot is a dog) it is a death-free encounter because of villain blunders.  However, we do get some references to an Imperial nation (of snakes) that is seeking global conquest, and has already wiped out the Pig nation.  One of the pilots on the Cloudscratcher is a Pig, and revenge has been foreshadowed.

So yes, it is a story with cute animals as the main characters, but unlike so many other stories, there is actually substance behind it.  I believe that far too often, writers rely on blood and cussing to try to make their comic seem “edgy,” but they often forget that they are there to actually tell a story.  In closing, I recommend that you read this.  There’s only one chapter currently up, and it consists of 25 pages.


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