This makes me happy

I found this story yesterday on Robot 6, and it warmed my heart.  As you probably know, I’m a huge Batman fan, and that fandom really started with Batman:  The Animated Series.  And once I became more aware of the people that developed the show, I became a fan of Paul Dini.  I’ve enjoyed almost everything he has written.  (There was that Countdown mess that he was overseer of.)  So, news that he’s going to be working on a Batman graphic novel makes me happy.

Actual details are sparse though, since it is very early in development.  Personally, I hope it’s a Batman story involving Zatanna.  It’s no secret that Dini has wanted to pair Batman and Zatanna up.  Of course, the fact that Dini is essentially married to Zatanna may have played a role in this.  But really, there’s not enough Dini-written Zatanna material.  Sure, there was a series that last 16 issues, until it was cancelled by the New 52, but I want more.


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  1. Batman being involved with Zatanna is something I wish Dini would move away from. Its like how Paul WS Anderson portrays Milia Jovovich in the Resident Evil movies. I get he likes both characters but from a thematic stand point it doesn’t make any sense to pair them let alone how outside of Dinis retcons they don’t have much connection at all.

    While I get that Batman is a mainstay of the Justice League the way DC writers acknowledge why Batman doesn’t get help from people much more powerful then himself is to

    a) make him a control freak and act like a dick.
    b) turn him into a Mary-Sue that is better then them just because he’s so awesome.

    Both ways pretty much turn him into a caricature. If he was to ever get with Zatanna he would basically have to become Darren from Bewitched forbidding her to do any magic to explain why she doesn’t just “ekam rekoj raeppa” to save people. Its better to isolate Gotham from the main DCU to avoid most of these things.


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