Ultimate Spider-man – “Venom Attack”

Apparently, my DVR missed this episode when it initially aired on June 24th, but picked up a replay on Thursday.  Either way, here’s this episode.

Ultimate Spider-man – “Venomous”
Venom attacks a French burglar in a dark alley.  Peter Parker ignores a call from Nick Fury, only to go downstairs to learn that Spider-man brutally attacked someone last night.  Peter approaches Harry Osborn at school, asking him if he knows anything about the Venom attack.  Harry says that he doesn’t have anything to do with Venom.  Norman Osborn complains to Dr. Octavious that they both know it was Venom, and he wants Octavious to find where Venom was.  Harry approaches Norman, but Norman doesn’t have time for him.  Harry becomes angry, and transforms into Venom.  Spider-man bursts in.  Spider-man saves Norman, but Venom escapes.  On the Helicarrier, Spider-man lets slip that he knows who Venom is, but won’t reveal his info.  Spider-man wants to take Venom out alone, but Fury won’t allow it.  In fact, he takes Spider-man off the case because he’s keeping secrets.  Spider-man does his own thing though, and tracks down Venom at Oscorp towers.  His team also goes to take on Venom, but Spider-man set a web trap for them.  Venom and Spider-man burst into Oscorp labs.  Norman tells Spider-man not to hurt Venom because he is Harry.  Spider-man is surprised that Norman knows. 

Venom knocks out Norman.  The rest of the team arrives.  Spider-man interferes with the team as they’re trying to take out Venom.  Venom is able to escape, but White Tiger got a sample of Venom.  Norman comes back to them, and tells them to leave.  Privately, the team confronts Spider-man, and demands that he tells them what is going on, since he was protecting Venom from them.  He tells them that Venom is Harry.  Fury contacts them and demands to know what is going on.  They said that they had just answered the call that Venom was attacking Oscorp.  Fury knows that they are all hiding something now.  They come up with a plan that has Spider-man using the sample collected to create an anti-Venom, while the rest of the team tracks down Venom.  The team comes across Venom at the school, searching for Spider-man, whose still working on the anti-Venom.  Spider-man arrives with the anti-Venom, and leads Venom away from everyone else.  After a bit of a fight, Spider-man is able to use the anti-Venom, and this frees Harry.  Harry wakes up in a bed with his father beside him.  Norman takes a sample of Harry’s blood to Octavious to see what he can get from it.  Spider-man thanks his teammates for helping him out.

This is probably one of the best episodes of the series.  Of course, that’s not saying much.  And of course, all of the problems that the show has were in this episode, but the story was good enough to somewhat offset the tiresome cutaways.  To make a show work, either each episode has to be pretty good and able to stand on its own, or you need to string together an ongoing story that can build upon the previous episodes and to something.  Most of the series is the former, which Loeb prefers.  This episode is part of an ongoing story with Norman Osborn, and these are the better episodes.  The one-shot episodes are usually pretty flimsy (with the exception of the Thor episode), because they’re usually pretty simple.  Whereas this episode is part of a larger narrative, that is actually allowing characters to grow and plot lines develop. Look for a larger post on the merits of one-shot episodes versus multi-part stories later in the week.


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