Question: What do you think of fill-in artists?

With today’s news that Tony Daniel, who is leaving Detective Comics after issue #0 (uhg), will be drawing two issues of Justice League, I ask this question.  What do you think of fill-in artists?  Related to this question, but slightly different, what do you think when titles continuously change artists in order to keep up with the schedule?

Personally, I’ve never been one to complain about fill-in artists.  It’s a tactic that has been used for pretty much the entire run of Fables.  Mark Buckingham draws the major stories, and a fill-in artist will come in and draw one or two issues dealing with a side story.  For now, this seems to be what is going on with Justice League also.  Jim Lee drew the first 6 issues, someone came in for issues 7 and 8, dealing with Steve Trevor and Green Arrow, and now Lee is back with this storyline.

What does annoy me somewhat is when there isn’t a consistent artist on the title.  Person A comes in and does 4 issues, then Person B does 4 issues, and then Person C comes in for their brief run.  It’s distracting because people will continuously bring their own look to a title because a set look and feel has not been established.

What do you think?


One comment

  1. I tink it’s fine as long as one artist does the whole story. It’s when you get a sudden change from one issue to another, or God forbid in the middle of a book, that you notice it.


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