Marvel Universe – 7/1/12

Ultimate Spider-man – “Me Time”
Spider-man fights Whirlwind, who is working for someone else, but Spider-man takes him out.  Nick Fury tells him that he still needs to work on limiting collateral damage.  Fury tells Spider-man to report back, but he refuses because he wants some me time.  Peter Parker gets home to find that Aunt May is gone for the weekend.  He goes a bit wild, but finds a mini-camera that belongs to S.H.I.E.L.D.  Spider-man confronts Fury about the camera.  Fury says that it’s standard protocol, and Spider-man signed off on it.  Fury says it is not to spy on him, but rather it’s to make sure his aunt is okay when he’s not there.  Spider-man turns in his S.H.I.E.L.D. watch and says he’s off for the weekend.  Dr. Octavious is studying Spider-man’s fight with Whirlwind.  Norman Osborn contacts him, and is displeased with his progress.  Oct says that he will bring in Spider-man himself.  Spider-man gets pulled off of a roller coaster by Doc Ock.  They fight throughout the amusement park, but eventually Doctor Octopus is able to subdue Spider-man.  Doc Ock reports to Norman that he has captured Spider-man.  Spider-man comes to, and easily escapes what was binding him.  They fight again in Doc Ock’s lab.  Spider-man beats Ock, and Osborn detonates Ock’s underwater lab.  Spider-man is finally able to contact Fury, and alerts him to his location.  Spider-man has to fight Ock again, and saves him from drowning.  Spider-man comes to and finds Fury standing beside him.  Spider-man apologizes for being selfish, and Dr. Conners says that Spider-man brought back an amazing piece of technology in Ock’s arm. 

The Avengers:  Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – “Prisoner of War”
An A.I.M. soldier is captured by the Skrulls, and is used so that one of them can become him.  Captain America is shown sitting in a cell, levels below them.  Two Months Ago, Captain America was captured and replaced by the Skrulls.  Three Skrulls disguised as pigeons fly in and perform the ritual for the Skrull to have Captain America’s memories.  The Skrull is told that the Queen will contact him soon, but he’s to begin disassembling the Avengers.  The Skrulls come to torture Captain America, but he just gives them his name, rank, and serial number.  Two months pass, and they are unable to get any information out of them.  The Queen has ordered a new tactic.  The Avengers break in to rescue Captain America, but he doesn’t fall for the Skrull trick, and fights them.  Captain America takes the Interrogator, and hides within the Skrull base.  Captain America finds that he’s in Space.  Captain America busts into Viper’s cell.  She takes the Interrogator hostage, threatening to kill him.  Captain America tries to convince her that he is human.  He’s able to when he doesn’t fight her back.  Captain America gets the Interrogator to explain why they are invading.  He tells him that there was a prophecy about the destruction of their world, and it came from Galactus.  This prophecy also says they will find a new home.  They’ve been infiltrating Earth for over a year.  The Interrogator tells them that the invasion is already over.  Captain America knocks out the locking mechanisms for the other prisoners.  The others are at a standoff, when Captain America joins them, and rallies them together.  Viper says that she knows they brought them in shuttles.  Captain finds the Invisible Woman, and busts her out of her containment field.  Heading towards the shuttle, the group runs into a Super Skrull (has the powers of the Fantastic Four).  They are able to get a shuttle working.  Captain America saves Viper, and tells her to take off without him.  Captain America fights the Super Skrull, but Viper and Invisible Woman save Captain America.  The Interrogator reports back to the Queen.  She says that they’ve learned that Captain America can inspire people, and they can use this to their advantage.

Short Segments
Animated Reality:  Talking about Hawkeye and archery.
Fury Files:  Black Panther.
Marvel Master Class:  Joe Quesada draws the Hulk (replay).

No real thoughts this week.  First, it’s very late in the week, sorry.  Second, my thoughts aren’t really changing.  I’m running into the same issue I have with reviewing individual comics.  They are part of a larger story, and the larger story is what really needs to be discussed when it wraps up.  The two shows are pretty set in their ways, and I’ve said all I have to say about what I like or am annoyed by each show.

Next Week:
Ultimate Spider-man – “Strange Days”
The Avengers:  Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – ” Infiltration”


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