Top 5


Scootin’ Spidey is NOT one of the Top 5.

This month’s Top 5 will look at my top five Spider-Man costume redesigns. This is costumes other than the original recipe red & blue that first appeared back in 1962 and is still in use today. Not all of these costumes have been worn by the Peter Parker we’re all familiar with but they’ve been worn by someone somewhere/somewhen who called themselves Spider-Man.



5. SPIDER-MAN 2099

Miguel O’Hara was a brilliant geneticist who was forced into staying with the evil company he worked for when they tricked him into taking a very addictive drug that they controled the supply of. During an experiment attempting to rid his body of the need for the drug an accident changed his DNA and gave him powers very similar to those of Spider-Man.

What I like about this costume is that it’s completely different but still evokes the spirit of the original. You don’t immediatly think that this is Spider-Man, but once you find out who it is it makes complete sense.


Miles Morales was bitten by a genetically altered spider and that’s about where his similarities with the original Ultimate Spider-Man end. He has a completely different set of powers, but he still realizes he can make a difference in the world if he tries. He takes up the mantle after Peter Parker dies in battle. Having his first adventures in an ill fitting Spider-Man halloween costume, he’s eventually given the costume you see by Nick Fury. Very simplistic; but the costume still let’s you know it’s Spider-Man. Just an all new, all different Spider-Man.  


I’ve got things to do for the rest of this week, so I won’t go into the details of the Clone Saga. But for a while Ben Reilly, the clone of Peter Parker/original Peter Parker/clone of Peter Parker took up the mantle of Spider-Man and wore this costume. This is very similar to the original look but with a lot of changes just for the sake of changes. Most of them work and it’s a shame this costume was only around for one year before it got ran through with a Goblin glider.


After Spidey joins Stark’s pro-registration side of the Civil War debate, Stark give him this new suit as a bonus.  Designed by Tony Stark, hence the color scheme, this suit of armor contains more bells & whistles that you can shake a stick at. According to Wikipedia: Other features include short-distance gliding capability, limited bulletproofing, built-in fire/police/emergency scanner, audio/visual amplification (including infrared and ultraviolet), cloaking device, carbon filters to keep out airborne toxins, and a short-range GPS microwave communication system. It grants the ability to breathe under water, and can morph into different shapes due to its “‘smart’ liquid metal” form. It can also “more or less disappear” when not needed due to reactions to neurological impulses as Tony Stark revealed. The new costume is able to look like other styles of costumes Spider-Man has worn over the years or turn into his street clothes. Part of the costume can detach itself from Spider-Man to cover an object too dangerous to touch, such as a radioactive asteroid. All these features are controlled by a computer system in the chest piece. The suit responds to mental control.” It also makes toast.

Initial reaction to this new look was mixed, with my own opinion coming down on the negative side. I soon found myself growing to like but it didn’t matter much since the costume was only around for a few months.


You wouldn’t think that you’d be able to get a new costume while stranded on an alien world and fighting for your life, but that’s exactly what Spider-Man did in Secret Wars #8. His traditional red & blue ripped to shreds while fighting on The Beyonder’s Battleworld, Hulk tells Spidey that there’s a machine that can give the user whatever piece of equipment they need just by thinking about it. He asks for a new costume and gets a gooey black sphere that forms into the costume you see when he touches it. He later finds out its an alien symbiote out to take over his body and gets rid of it. He wears a regular cloth version of the suit for a while until the symbiote shows back up, bonded with Eddie Brock as the villainous Venom, and Mary Jane asks him to never wear it again.

This look is so simple, yet still almost as iconic as the original. That’s amazing considering he only wore it sporadically for about four years.  


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