New corps member to appear in Green Lantern cartoon

While we wait for the San Diego Comic Con to get fully started, there was one interesting thing (interesting to me) from the Preview night that I wanted to highlight.  It was revealed yesterday that Guy Gardner would be appearing in the second season of the cartoon.  Guy Gardner will be voiced by Diedrich Bader (Batman:  Brave and the Bold, Drew Carey Show), and is advertised as a “much cockier, more brash and a womanizer.”

It was also revealed that the big threat for the second season would be the Anti-Monitor.  Personally, I’m not really sure how you introduce the Anti-Monitor, the destroyer of universes, into a kids cartoon.  My hope was that the Sinestro Corps would be introduced, but I do kind of admire the show for not grabbing that low hanging fruit immediately.  Although, they have introduced 4 of the 7 standard rings of power.  The only ones left out from the first season were indigo, orange, and yellow.  I will be mightily impressed and surprised if they ever introduce the black ring, it being death and all.


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