Thursday’s DC News from San Diego

Most of DC’s panels dealt with simple discussion of thing that had already been announced.  However, there was one big announcement during the Vertigo panel.  Near the end of it, there was a video of Neil Gaiman talking about how he had never told the story of what happened to Morpheus before being captured by Burgess in issue #1, and now seemed like a good time to do it.  So, Gaiman will be writing a new 6-issue series that will be drawn by J. H. Williams III, and is to be released sometime next year.

Now, I don’t have the slightest idea of what this means, because I’ve never actually read Sandman.  It’s something I keep meaning to read, but just have never gotten around to it.  But this new announcement has piqued my curiosity.  I am a big fan of J. H. Williams III, and will be greatly tempted to get this mini-series.

The other thing that was briefly touched upon that I’m looking forward to is Scott Snyder’s upcoming Joker story in Batman.  I had never read anything Snyder has written before his pre-New52 run on Detective Comics, and was surprised by how much I enjoyed his writing.  Of what I’m getting, I consider Batman to be the best DC title being published.  I look forward to seeing what he’s going to do with the Joker in the New52.

Other tidbits after the break. 

Tales from The Dark and The Edge

  • Swamp Thing, Animal Man, and Frankenstein will all be dealing with the coming of Rotworld, which will include many other characters from the DC Universe.
  • Frankenstein will be joining Justice League Dark in the upcoming annual.
  • Neil Gaiman has given permission for his Books of Magic characters to be used in Justice League Dark.  Appearing first will be Timothy Hunter.
  • Rob Liefeld said that they would be exploring more of Deathstroke’s history, beginning with the zero issue.
  • Liefeld commented that Grifter will be meeting his “Yoda” soon, and start to figure his life out.  Voodoo will be making an appearance in the title.
  • Jimmy Palmiotti said that they would be covering Jonah Hex’s origin again in All-Star Western #0, and that Hex will be dealing with a lot of crazy clowns running around Gotham.
  • Amanda Waller’s origins will be revealed in Team 7 #0.
  • The origin of Cain will be discussed in I, Vampire #0.
  • Events in Savage Hawkman #0 will make him wanted across the universe.


  • Scott Snyder said that the Talon book will feature a Talon that was able to resist the temptation of being an assassin.
  • Snyder talked about his upcoming Joker story line, saying that it will be a crazy, dark story, with the Joker, who has been gone for a year, wanting to punish Batman for forgetting about him.
  • Gail Simone says that Batgirl #0 will go over why Barbara Gordon wanted to be Batgirl, and that Ed Benes will become the full-time penciler on the title.
  • Simone also stated that they’d be introducing a new villain named Knightfall, who is a dark, twisted version of Bruce’s billionaire playboy identity.
  • Scott Lobdell said that Red Hood and the Outlaws #0 would show why Jason Todd initially became Robin.
  • John Layman, new writer on Detective Comics, says that his first story will be a fast-paced Penguin story, told in a series of one-shots.

DC Entertainment – DC All Access:  DC Now!

  • Geoff Johns says that Shazam will be joining the team, and Black Adam will be around.
  • Johns also said that Cheetah will be introduced in Justice League #13, and will be part of what leads into next year’s Trinity War.
  • Green Lantern #0 will focus on how the Guardians are trying to clean up the universe by getting rid of free will, and introduce the Third Army.
  • Aquaman #0 will deal with the lost city of Atlantis.
  • Snyder said that Poison Ivy will play a role in the Rotworld story, defending the Green against the Rot.
  • Lobdell said that Raven and Supergirl will be joining the Teen Titans.

*All news was gathered from Comic Book Resources.


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