Thoughts on the Superman panel

After reading about the Superman panel, I can’t say that I’m really encouraged about the direction of the Superman titles.  There wasn’t any real news that came from this panel.  (According Robot 6’s news recap, there weren’t any DC news on Friday.)  And even the most notable thing, people who don’t write Smallville Season 11 don’t know anything about whether or not she’s going to be in the title, wasn’t real news.  (Spoiler alert:  she’s not.)

Scott Lobdell talked about looking at Jor-El on Krypton knowing that the planet is going to explode.  Boring.  Everyone knows the story behind how Superman came to Earth.  His Kryptonian parents are not a big deal to the Superman mythos.  They had no impact on the person Superman would grow up to be.  It’s a waste of time.  It would be far more useful to show an childhood story involving the Kents rather than once again seeing the destruction of Krypton.  And I know that we haven’t officially been told about it in the New 52, but is it something that really needs to be told, or is it something that could be briefly stated just so it’s established?

And while I don’t have the transcript, it was reported that Lobdell responded to a question about what villains and characters he was planning on using, and he said the he didn’t plan that far ahead.  That’s not encouraging.  It would be nice to know that there is a plan for Superman, and that he wasn’t just going to wing it.  Sure, it’s possible that Grant Morrison may be setting the plan for Superman, but the writer of the Superman title should not be coming onto the book not knowing what he’s going to do with it.  Hell, I’d rather you lie to me and say that it’s a surprise.  Use the vague, big things are coming down the line.

Oh, and Action Comics #0 will show Superman at his very beginning.  As opposed to Action Comics #1, which showed Superman near his beginning.  Generally, I don’t mind the zero “origin” issues, but this is where it seems weird.  Action Comics is the origin book.  I’m to assume that if it hasn’t happened in the origin title, then it doesn’t really matter.  So, now we’re going to go back and tell a story that isn’t really important to the origin story of Superman.

So, yeah, I’m not looking forward to the future of the Superman nearly as much as I am the future of the Batman titles.  In fact, I’m not certain how much longer I’ll even buy the Superman title.  Lobdell has one issue to get my interest.

*News taken from the Comic Book Resources report on the panel.

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  1. I don’t get this obsession with going back to Superman’s past and “exploring” the characters origins. Whats so wrong with planning a big adventure with some bad guys who will give him a hard time and obstacles he can overcome? 74 years this characters been around and people are still afraid to start anywhere other then him being rocketed to earth.


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