Marvel Universe – 7/8/12

Ultimate Spider-Man – “Strange”
During school, Peter Parker falls asleep and has a dream that he has 8 limbs.  Iron Fist comes in and punches him through a wall.  Peter Parker wakes up to find that Danny Rand was in his mind, dream-walking, and woke them up.  They find that all of their classmates are asleep.  Spider-man and Iron Fist leave school to find the entire city is asleep.  Iron Fist explains that this have to be the work of some supernatural force.  Spider-man doubts the existence of magic, but Iron Fist leads him to the house of Doctor Strange.  Doctor Strange shows them Nightmare, the king of dreams.  Strange says that Nightmare has been trying to escape the dimension of dreams.  Spider-man is still skeptical of the supernatural.  Doctor Strange takes Spider-man and Iron Fist to the realm of dreams to fight Nightmare.  In the dream realm, Spider-man gets a peak at what the other members of the team are dreaming.  Spider-man agrees that there might be something to this magic thing.  Nightmare confronts them.  Nightmare sends his dreamons after the trio.  Everything Doctor Strange tries against Nightmare is failing.  Spider-man and Iron Fist get separated from Strange.  In Iron Fists nightmare, they encounter Shao Lao, and Iron Fist loses his mystical power.  Iron Fist doubts his abilities and if he deserves the power or not.  Spider-man gets knocked out of Iron Fist’s dream, and back to Doctor Strange.  Nightmare plays on Doctor Strange’s fear, and Strange has no mystical power.  Nightmare reminds Spider-man of Uncle Ben.  This backfires, because Spider-man is afraid of his failure with Uncle Ben, but rather is inspired by it.  Spider-man overcoming his Nightmare weakened Nightmare, and allowed Doctor Strange to break Nightmare’s hold on everyone.  Iron Fist overcomes his nightmare and rejoins them.  Doctor Strange is able to imprison Nightmare.  Spider-man and Iron Fist rush back to school. 

The Avengers:  Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – “Infiltration”
S.W.O.R.D. discovers a ship heading for Earth, and Ms. Marvel took off after it.  She’s being informed that it’s a Skrull ship.  Ms. Marvel informs the Avengers.  After crashing, the ship opens to reveal the Avengers inside.  Iron Man says that when they got back from Asgard, they were attacked by Skrulls, and held prisoner.  Eventually, Hulk was able to break them out, in which they hijacked a shuttle and headed home.  At his home, Iron Man is ignoring his Avengers card and a call from Pepper Potts.  He’s trying to develop a device to detect who is a Skrull, and how isn’t.  Dr. Doom breaks in.  The Avengers tell Ms. Marvel that the Skrulls want Wakanda’s Vibranium, and she agrees to help them.  Nick Fury is working on his own to deduce who is a Skrull, when his informed that there is no sign of the Hulk after he was captured by General Ross.  The Avengers approach Wakanda and are confronted by another Black Panther.  Ms. Marvel tries to keep the peace, but Black Panther attacks them.  Iron Man fights Dr. Doom.  Doom tells Iron Man that he knows how to detect the Skrulls, but Iron Man blew up his scanner.  Doom gives Iron Man a chip to put into Iron Man’s invention to detect the Skrulls.  Fury watches video showing Captain America being very un-Captain America like.  Fury suspects Captain America is a Skrull.  Black Panther is defeated, and Hawkeye goes to make the killing shot, against Ms. Marvel’s wishes, but he is shot by Hawkeye and Wasp.  Tony Stark installs the chip Doom gave him into his armor.  Black Widow shows up and tells Iron Man that Fury needs to see him.  During the fight of Avengers, Thor gets knocked out and shown to be a Skrull, as is the other Black Panther.  Ms. Marvel now realizes that these new ones are Skrulls.  Together, they’re able to take care of the Skrulls.  Iron Man arrives to Fury, as he realizes that Mockingbird is a Skrull.  Mockingbird shows up, and knocks out Fury and Widow.  At this point, Iron Man finds out that he has a virus in his suit.  Mockingbird, the Skrull queen radios in to start the invasion.

Short Segments
What Would It Take:  Iron Fist.
Fury Files featuring the Skrulls.
Marvel Master Class:  Joe Quesada draws Thor.


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