5th Week Extravaganza

For this edition of the “5th Week Extravaganza,” we here at Comicdom Wrecks! will be giving you our comic-related Christmas list.  And I hear you thinking, “but it’s only July.”  And to that I say, I know it’s only July.  But haven’t you heard of Christmas in July?  Okay, that’s a terrible example because really, it’s just an advertising gimmick designed to convince people that they should buy frivolous things during the summer.  But regardless, now’s the perfect time for a Christmas list, because it gives the big guy up north plenty of time to work on it.

J. R.

  • I want a live action adaptation of Kingdom Come starring Jon Hamm as Superman.
  • I want the rumored Adam Hughes All-Star Wonder Woman project to actually be made.
  • I want the only thing I question about Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel to be Laurence Fishburne’s portrayal of Perry White.
  • I want to read a story in which the surprise is that the use of nanites does not backfire, and they do the good things they were created for.
  • I want Alan Moore to lose a bet which then forces him to shave his beard and get his hair cut short.
  • I want Boy Blue to return.
  • I want fans on the Internet to not take things so personally, and know that the companies aren’t trying to insult them when they do something the fan doesn’t like.
  • I want Chuck Dixon’s run on Robin (not his return) collected into trades, so I can be lazy and not hunt down single issues to complete it.
  • I want Damian Wayne’s current show of superiority over the former Robins to continue onto the rest of the DC Universe.  It could be an event called “Damian Wayne is better than everyone, duh.”
  • I want the entire Superman copyright case to be over.  At this point, I don’t really care who wins.  Just tired of seeing legal opinions from people that don’t know what their talking about.
  • I want Gail Simone back writing  a “villain” book.
  • I want Marvel’s Marketing department to continue to be as awesome as they have been, and continue to give us wonderful entertainment.
  • I want a detailed explanation of why All-Star Batman and Robin did not continue, being that Jim Lee has shown that he can keep a mostly monthly schedule.
  • I want a comic that comes with it’s own soundtrack to listen to while reading.  Every few pages, it would tell you how far into the music you should be so that the music matches up with what it is going on in the comic.  It’s an idea I had a while ago, but am far to lazy to actually do anything with it.
  • I want Dan DiDio to stay quiet.  You know what, let’s just have all of the higher ups in both of the Big 2 stay quiet for a bit.  If you want to hype something, let the writers do the hyping.  Because let’s face it, when you, or Axel Alonso, say something, it often just backfires.

I want some more Elseworlds books.  Like Cowboy Deadshot.  You know what, how about a Wild West Secret Six book written by Gail Simone?


  • I want Kurt Busiek to write more Untold Tales of Spider-Man.
  • I want a new Spider-Man game that’s at least as good as Spider-Man 2. Every Spidey game since then has been of varying quality, ranging from “almost as good as Spider-Man 2” to terrible.
  • I want to really like The Dark Knight Rises, but the more I think about it the less I do.
  • I want Joe Maduriera to be able to keep up with the schedule of a monthly book.
  • I want Jeph Loeb to be able to consistently write the good stories I know he’s capable of. More The Long Halloween & Spider-Man: Blue, less Wolverine: Evolution & Ultimatum.  
  • I want Peter Parker & Flash Thompson to find out each other’s secret identities. I feel like there’s a lot of story to mine there.  
  • I want DC to put out a book featuring Booster Gold & Ted Kord as the Bule Beetle.
  • I want Ultimate Peter Parker back. Miles Morales isn’t bad, just kinda boring.
  • I want Sony & Fox to overlook their liscensing deals and let Marvel put Spider-Man, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four into their movieverse. Just cut them a piece of that sweet money pie.
  •  I want Topher Grace to play Spider-Man in some capacity.
  • I want Marvel to not screw with the numbering on their long running books like Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America, and Fantastic Four.
  • I want another Marvel/DC cross-over. It doesn’t even have to be a cross-over event in the comics, maybe just a video game. Make it like the Ultimate Alliance games and market two versions of the story, one for DC fans and one for Marvel. Let fans purchase the edition they prefer and offer the other as DLC. Or just forgoe story all together and put out a Marvel vs. Capcom-esque fighting game.
  • I want DC to make a Justice League movie in the same way Marvel made the Avengers movie and have it be just as successful.

Most of all, I want more time in the day to read comics.


One comment

  1. “I want a detailed explanation of why All-Star Batman and Robin did not continue”
    Okay it became a laughing stock one issue in and never recovered :p Frank Millers just lost the plot when it comes to Batman, you just have to read Holy Terror to see how little he understands what people loved about his earlier work on the character.


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