300 Word Rant – Next Big Thing

It’s not a secret that I like to laugh at Marvel’s Marketing department.  Their endless teasers always amuse me.  But teaser images are pretty harmless.  You’re advertising an upcoming project, no big deal.  However, there is one marketing strategy that just really irks me.  That is their insistence that every single announcement that they make is their “Next Big Thing.”  The most recent “Next Big Thing” is a perfect illustration of this.

Yesterday, they announced as their “Next Big Thing” was that Kelly Sue DeConnick and Stefano Caselli would be the new creative team on Avengers Assemble starting with issued #9, taking over for Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagely.  Now, don’t take this as a knock on the creators, but this is not a “big” announcement by any means.  This is just a simple creative team change.  It happens all of the time.  There is nothing more common in superhero comics.  Creative teams change all the time.  The only way that this would be a big deal is if the creators were bigger names.  No offense to DeConnick or Caselli.  Now, if this was Chris Claremont and John Byrne returning to work on Uncanny X-Men, that would be a big deal.  But this is not.

But that gets me to the main point.  When every single announcement that you make is your “Next Big Thing,” then nothing is your “Next Big Thing.”  What makes something a “big deal” is that it is not normal.  It is supposed to be something special that you don’t see all of the time.  Like, I love lasagna.  I order it whenever I can, but that isn’t very often.  But if were to start getting it all the time, it would no longer be special.  It would be common place.

So please, save the hyperbole for your truly big announcements, and accept that some things should just be treated as announcements.


One comment

  1. You mean THE Kelly Sue DeConnick, the amazing superstar writer currently tearing it up on Captain Marvel until its cancelled somewhere around issue 12? That is huge news


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