Marvel Universe 7/15/12

Ultimate Spider-man – “Awesome”
Spider-man has been having a bad week, culminating in a fight with Juggernaut.  During which Luke Cage calls Spider-man to remind him about their science fair project that he keeps putting off being due tomorrow.  Peter tries to sneak inside his home after being beaten by Juggernaut for most of the night.  Luke calls him asking him about Juggernaut and the science fair.  Juggernaut is loose somewhere in the city, and Peter is in trouble because Aunt May sold his chemistry set.  On the way to school, Spider-man runs into Juggernaut again, but Juggernaut disappears during the fight.  Peter arrives at school, and is lectured by Luke about coming through when he said he would.  Spider-man goes to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier to see if there is something he can borrow there.  After passing on Marvel artifacts, including Howard the Duck, he finds a grey “mood” brick.  He takes it.  Peter arrives with the brick.  Peter sets the brick on the table, and while Luke and himself celebrate, the brick sprouts legs and walks off.  Peter explains that he stole it from the Helicarrier, and Luke tells him that he needs to find a way to do everything in life.  The brick walks off and begins eating things and growing.  Coulson tells them that it is the Awesome Android, and it feeds on inorganic material.  The android grows too big for the school, and goes out on the street, looking for stuff to eat.  They stop the android from eating a train, and Juggernaut happened to be on it.  Juggernaut runs into the android, and is stopped.  The android eats him, which takes off his suit and helmet, and secretes Juggernaut.  Juggernaut has lost his powers (uhg) and is able to be taken out.  The android is now going berserk.  Through an accident, the team finds that the android shrinks when exposed to coldness.  Iron Fist was trying to distract the android, but he captures Nova and starts playing with him.  In the school, Luke Cage and Spider-man find Eva’s science project, which was about super-cooling carbon dioxide.  Luke Cage throws Spider-man into the androids mouth.  The android freezes and shrinks back down to a brick. 

The Avengers:  Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – “Secret Invasion”
A.I.M. has hacked into every satellite on Earth.  A worker asks the leader about it, noting that once it’s activated, it’ll wipe out every human on Earth, including them.  The leader agrees, and kills them, revealing himself to be a Skrull.  Skrulls in various strategic areas begin a countdown.  Captain America and the refugees arrive in orbit.  On the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier Maria Hill confronts the Skrulls, and they shoot her.  It’s revealed that it was a life model decoy.  The countdown ends and the bombs go off, destroying S.H.I.E.L.D. and S.W.O.R.D. bases.  The Skrull Queen tells Captain America to head to Washington.   Captain America tells Ms. Marvel, Wasp, and Hawkeye.  Iron Man overhears it.  The trio crash land, and are ambushed by Skrulls.  The Queen is about to kill Nick Fury, but Maria Hill saves him.  Hill updates Fury on what’s going on.  Fury tries to save Iron Man’s life.  The trio is captured, and Captain America reveals himself to be the Skrull.  But the message he broadcasts to Earth encourages humanity to accept that the Skrulls are there to save them, and humanity just needs to let them take over.  Hill gets Iron Man back online.  The Queen shows up as Mockingbird, and is gloating when the refugees led by Captain America.  Iron Man shows up, and blasts the Skrulls with something that reveals their true nature.  The Queen threatens them, and Thor arrives with a bolt of lightning.  Thor’s lightning took out the Skrull ship that was hovering overhead.  While the Avengers are battling the Super Skrulls, the Queen tells her A.I.M. agent that Washington is compromised, and to activate the fail-safe.  Every human is hurting, but Iron Man tells Thor to take out the satellites, which he does, stopping the pain.  The Avengers win the battle, including capturing the Queen.

Short Segments
What Would It Take to recreate Iron Man’s armor.
Fury Files featuring Doctor Octopus.
Marvel Masterclass with Joe Quesada drawing Captain America.


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