Crossover Madness

This month’s “Crossover Madness” features a four-part story that appeared in the Superman family of titles during the month of August 2009.  To be blunt, this particular story wasn’t very good, but that didn’t really matter, since no one was reading the Superman titles anyways.  You see, this story was in the middle of a year long storyline in which Krypton had been reborn thanks to Kandor being rescued from Braniac.  Well, that, and the large population of Kryptonians being exiled to a new planet.  This exile included Superman.  So, he’s on new Krypton finally with his own people, but unfortunately working directly under General Zod.  It was a real interesting story of Superman having to take orders from an enemy in order to work towards the greater good of his people.  This was going on in Superman:  World of New Krypton.  In the pages of Superman, you had Mon-El filling in, protecting Metropolis in Superman’s absence.  In Action Comics, you had Nightwing (Kryptonian version, Chris Kent) and Flamebird, and a lot of exploration of Kryptonian religion.  And Supergirl was still in Supergirl.  I didn’t read it.

Anyways, it was a really different and interesting time in the Superman books.  So, obviously, hardly anyone read it.  People just complained that Superman wasn’t appearing in the Superman titles.  And I just wanted to smack them.  You can’t complain about the same, boring stories being published all the time, and then be unhappy because their not publishing the same, boring stories.  But, I digress.  Anyways, here’s your crossover.

Codename:  Patriot

Issues:  Superman:  World of New Krypton #6, Action Comics #880, Supergirl #44, Superman “691

Writers:  Greg Rucka (Superman:  WoNK, Action Comics), James Robinson (Superman:  WoNK, Action Comics, Superman), Sterling Gates (Supergirl)

Artists:  Pete Woods (Superman:  WoNK), Julian Lopez (Action Comics), Jamal Igle (Supergirl), Renato Guedes (Superman) 

Superman:  World of New Krypton
General Zod is at a celebration with Kal-El, Alura Zor-El, Supergirl, and other dignitaries to commemorate the completion of terraforming New Krypton.  Unfortunately, someone in the crowd shoots him.  The shooter tries to escape, but is attacked by the crowd of Kryptonians.  Kal-El and his military unit, Red Shard, fly down to disperse the crowd in order to restore order and capture the shooter so that they may interrogate him.  Kal-El interrogates the shooter, named Ral-Dar, but only learns that he believes he shot Zod because it is what had to be done for the survival of New Krypton.  Kal-El meets with Alura and learns that Zod is alive, but his condition is deteriorating.  The weapon attacked him at a cellular level.  Zod was put into a stasis chamber to try to slow the process, but had asked for Kal.  They’re are drawn away when told that the people are growing restless and afraid.  Alura tries to reassure them that this was an isolated attack, and that they do not need to worry about being attacked again.  Kal tells her that he’s still working to find out who Ral-Dar was working with, but when he returns to the prison, Ral-Dar is gone.  Kal’s team is able to track him, and discovers that he’s heading for Earth.  Kal tells Red Shard to stay behind.  He tells Supergirl that he’ll catch up to her.  First, he has to get his Superman outfit.

Action Comics
General Lane tracks three Kryptonians, and sends a fighter squadron to intercept.  Ral-Dar destroys the plans, but Superman, Supergirl, and Mon-El save the pilots.  During the rescue, Ral-Dar escapes.  While looking for Nadria and Az-Rel in Hollywood, when they’re distracted by a group of people that recognize them as two heroes that fought the Kryptonians (some time before).  A reporter tells them about a new Kryptonian attack, and they leave.  Perry White contacts Lois Lane, and tells her to go to S.P.H.Q., since that is where they believe Superman is taking the rescued pilots, and get the full story.  Superman is met by Guardian, and fills him in on what happened on New Krypton, but Guardian is unsure about letting them roam around free on the planet.  Lois Lane arrives, and Mon-El convinces Guardian to give some time for Superman to give the story to Lois while the rest of them figure out what to do next.  Lois tells Superman that Chris has returned.  (If you don’t know about Chris Kent, read the Last Son story.)  General Lane is told that “Patriot” has arrived.  It’s revealed that “Patriot” is Ral-Dar.  He was working with Lane to take out Zod, because they believed that Zod would one day lead New Krypton in a war against Earth.  An action that they both believed would be mutually destructive.  After a sentimental moment, Nightwing and Flamebird are found by Nadria and Az-Rel.  After a short battle, Nightwing and Flamebird are captured by the Nadria, Az-Rel, and Mirabai, completing phase two.

Ral-Dar overhears General Lane telling Atlas that Ral-Dar is a tool for them to use, and once the President signs the Markovian War Treaty, New Krypton will be ashes.  Ral-Dar escapes, fighting off Atlas, but forced to leave before killing General Lane.  But this was part of Lane’s plan, and he reports that phase three is underway.  Guardian is discussing with Superman what to do, when they are told that Ral-Dar has been spotted over the Atlantic, heading towards Markovia.  They are also told that Flamebird is on the rampage.  Supergirl, who knows her, says she can deal with her, but Superman sends Mon-El with her as back up, while he goes after Ral-Dar.  Supergirl says that her and Thara (Flamebird) used to be friends.  They find her, but Flamebird flies off.  Supergirl chases after her.  Nightwing attacks Mon-El.  As Supergirl is chasing Flamebird, she is attacked by Mirabai, revealing that this wasn’t the real Flamebird.  Flamebird flies past Nightwing, grabbing him and pulling him along.  Supergirl flies after Mon-El, telling him that she knows their plan, and they have to follow them.  It’s revealed to the readers that Supergirl is actually Mirabai.

Supergirl leads Mon-El to the sewers of Metropolis, where he is ambushed by Nightwing and Flamebird, and also attacked by Supergirl.  Mon-El is told that he was not attacked by who he thought he was, but he’s knocked out.  Mirabai, Az-Rel, and Narbia leave.  General Lane orders explosives that they had set up in Metropolis to be detonated.  Superman catches Ral-Dar right before he is able to do anything to the President, but they are confronted by General Lane and Squad K.  Superman is shocked to learn that General Lane is alive, and that Ral-Dar knows who he is.  Superman tries to reason with Lane, but quickly suspects that Lane has been planning all of this.  Squad K opens fire on Superman and Ral-Dar.  Superman is okay, but Ral-Dar was killed.  Superman is called back to New Krypton by Alura before he can get any more answers from Lane.  General Lane explains to Mirabai that his plan was successful, because he’s gotten Supergirl, Nightwing, and Flamebird’s public image tarnished.  Mon-El is dead (presumed).  And Superman won’t be able to return before the next part of their plan and find him, because he’s moved his base to her world of magic.


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