A new Justice League of America book

At Fan Expo Canada, Geoff Johns announced that  new Justice League of America title would be launched sometime in 2013, and this image was given to announce the lineup.

That guy you don’t recognize is Vibe, or Steve Trevor, or the new Green Lantern.

From left to right you have Vibe, Catwoman, Steve Trevor, a new Green Lantern that is being introduced soon, Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, Katana, Hawkman, and Green Arrow.

Personally, this seems like a new definition of a randomly thrown together group.  Especially Catwoman.  Yes, out of this group, I question the inclusion of Catwoman.  And it’s not really a surprise that Johns would put Stargirl on the team, given his history with the character.  I haven’t dug too much into reaction, but I do think this title will be shielded from the “no-name JLA” criticism (like James Robinson’s JLA run) a bit because there is still a big name Justice League running around.

But I have no complaints.  Really because there’s nothing to complain about.  We haven’t seen why and how this team is assembled.  I assume that this title will spin out of the events that happen in the Trinity War story that is taking place in Justice League.  Of course, what those events are is still a complete mystery.  And I do really like putting the Martian Manhunter front and center of a high profile book.  And I’m not really a fan of David Finch’s art, but hopefully Johns’ writing will make up for it.



  1. What is Stargirl’s deal now? She was the stepdaugher of STRIPESY, had the belt of the Star Spangled Kid and the rod of Starman. All of those are JSA characters booted from the New 52. Is she just a hip, young teen now?


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