Month: September 2012

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – “Rise of the Turtles”

This is the premiere of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon on Nickelodeon.  In this episode, titled “Rise of the Turtles,” Splinter allows his teenage sons to visit the surface for the first time.

The Turtles are sparring.  Michelangelo is talking a lot of smack to Leonardo, when Leo quickly gets the best of him.  Raphael beats Donatello.  Raphael goes on to best Leonardo.  Splinter comes in and talks about the purpose of these exercises being self-improvement, then disciplines Raphael when he keeps bragging about winning.  The Turtles are celebrating their mutation day, which was 15 years ago.  Michelangelo asks to hear the story again.  When Splinter was human, he was leaving the pet store with four baby turtles.  He sees a strange man, and decides to follow him.  He gets into a fight with a group, in which the a canister was broken, mutating them.  Leonardo asks if it’s time to allow them to go to the surface.  In answering, Splinter presents a very confusing yes and no argument.  Eventually though, the Turtles are able to convince Splinter to let them go.  He gives them instructions on not talking to anyone, and staying in the shadows before they leave.  The Turtles get to the surface and are in awe of the city.  Raphael scares a pizza delivery boy, and he rides off, dropping a pizza.  Michelangelo takes the first bite, and loves it.  They all try it, and find it’s much better than their usual worms and alge.  After doing some workouts on the roofs, Donetello spots a girl and her father on the street, and falls in love with her.  A van pulls up, and people in suits pull up, and throw the father into a van.  Despite Leonardo’s objections, they go to save her.  They fights the men in suits, but aren’t very succesful, often getting into each other’s way.  The men in suits drive off with the girl and her father.  Leonardo and Raphael chase off after them.  Michelangelo is left to fight one more of the men in suits.  He gets lucky, and finds out that it’s actually a robot.  He then finds out that there’s a brain being in the robot’s stomach.  The brain jumps onto Michelangelo’s face.  Michelangelo finally gets the brain off his face, and it scurries away.  He tries to tell everyone else, but they don’t believe him.  Splinter takes responsibility for not training them to fight as a team.  He says perhaps in a year they can try again.  Donatello tells him about the girl, and convinces Splinter that they need to save the girl.  Splinter names Leonardo the leader, which angers Raphael.  (more…)


Young Justice: Invasion – “Depths”

Young Justice:  Invasion – “Depths”
March 19.  G. Gordon Godfrey is saying on his show that he’s upset that they’re setting up a satellite to contact aliens.  Wally West isn’t happy that Artemis is suiting back up for one mission.  Later that night, Nightwing is shown doing CPR on Artemis, then proclaiming her to be dead.  Ten hours earlier.  Nightwing is giving Superboy an update on Bart Allen, but Superboy walks out when Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy come in.  Thankfully for him, Artemis comes in, and Nightwing gives them their mission.  They are to protect the satellite launch.  At a press conference, Godfrey questions Carol Ferris why they should communicate when they are being invaded.  Martian Manhunter says that this is mutually beneficial.  Martian Manhunter flies off with Superman, much to Godfrey’s chagrin.  Turns out, Manhunter was Miss Martian, and Superman was Superboy.  Nightwing and Artemis are on lookout, while Lagoon Boy is in the water, off the coast.  He spots a ship coming in under the water.  Nightwing thanks Artemis for coming, even though Wally isn’t happy about it because Artemis may find that she misses the life.  (more…)

Marvel Universe – 8/5/12

Ultimate Spider-man – “Snow Day”
Peter Parker is awoken by an emergency message from Nova, and stumbles into his costume.  When he opens the window, he’s pelted by the other team members with snow balls.  Since school’s closed because of a snow day, Agent Coulson wants the team to report for a special cold weather survival training.  Instead, they go to a tropical island that Nova found in S.H.I.E.L.D. database.  As they’re having fun in the water, they don’t see the Sandman on the beach.  They somewhat wonder why this place was in the database, but don’t put too much thought into it.  Peter’s Spider-sense tingles, but again, he doesn’t payy any attention to it.  When he loses a volleyball, Peter goes into the jungle to find it.  He comes running out when something scares him.  A kid named Sandy walks out with the ball, and says his family lives everywhere on the island.  The team gets into costume, and searches for Sandy.  During which, they run into Flint, who looks like an older version of Sandy.  Suddenly, ruins appear before them.  They decide to make a tactical retreat, but Sandy confronts them.  He moves their plane to the top of the ruins.  Sandy and Flint both attack them.  Sandy and Flint create a maze, and separates the team.  Whithin the maze, a third, older Sandman appears.  Power Man and Spider-man find some heiroglyphics that describe how Flint became Sandman, and was left on the island by Nick Fury.  They finally figure out that the boy was just an imaginary friend created by Flint.  The team is able to make it to the ship, but White Tiger can’t get it started.  Nova lifts the ship off of the ruins, until the engines are able to fire.  On their approach, Fury has other planes escort them to a different location, because he isn’t certain that Flint was left behind.  Spider-man starts emptying sand from his costume, and it turns out that Flint is on board with them.  He gets inside the controls, and shorts them out.  They are able to at least guide themselves to crash in a frozen over Hudson River.  Flint is making his way to the mainland, and the team is unable to stop him.  Spider-man gets the idea to have Nova super heat Flint and turns him into glass.  Fury moves Flint into a continuously moving containment chamber.  (more…)

Weekly Readings

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Weekly Readings.”  This week includes:

  • Team 7 #0, in which the team is gathered as part of the Majestic project.
  • Justice League #0, in which Billy Batson receives the power of Shazam.
  • Wonder Woman #0, in which Wonder Woman is trained by War.
  • Nightwing #0, in which Dick Grayson becomes Robin.
  • Fables #121, in which we learn if Dare’s actions were successful.
  • Batwoman #0, in which we learn of the training that Kate Kane went through.

As always, spoilers are below the break.  (more…)

How is this not a mini-series?

My first thought when I saw the solicit for Avengers Arena #1, I thought, “wow, they’re really ripping off Battle Royale.  I mean check out the solicit.

Trapped on an isolated island, 16 superhuman young adults (including cult faves like members of the Runaways, The Avengers Academy and Darkhawk) are given a chilling ultimatum by their demented captor: Fight or die…only one will walk out alive! Thus begins a primal battle that will test the skills, stamina and morals of each combatant. Welcome to Murder World, where the secrets are plenty, alliances are fleeting, and the key to victory might be rewriting the rules of the game. Who will survive?

And now, check out the cover.

And now the Battle Royale poster.  (more…)

Who’s an adorable assassin?

This panel comes from Batman and Robin #0, which gave us an overview of Damian Wayne’s childhood before being taken in by Bruce Wayne.

Isn’t he adorable?  Yeah, Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason are not helping my obsession with Damian Wayne.  Yes, I have a bit of an obsession with Damian Wayne.  I admit it.  And I’m not ashamed of it.  He’s just such a wonderfully written character.  You should be reading Batman and Robin.

Marvel Universe – 7/29/12

Ultimate Spider-man – “Beetle Mania”
The team fights an “improved” Trapster (bigger glue guns).  Working together, they easily trap the Trapster.  Nick Fury is impressed with the team, and gives them their first sanctioned S.H.I.E.L.D. mission.  It is to protect J. Jonah Jameson from the Beetle.  In his news segments, Jameson says he has been threatened for exposing the Beetle, and doesn’t want protection.  The team is on lookout at the Daily Bugle building, when Mary Jane calls Peter Parker and tells him that she is entering the Daily Bugle right now for an interview with Jameson.  Peter comes up on Mary Jane, and tries to convince her to not go in.  Failing, he says that he’s going in with her.  At the entrance of the building, Power Man and Iron Fist try to stop her, but she threatens them with an expose and enters anyway.  Those two are then taken out with a gas from a mini-beetle.  Inside, Nova tries to stop her from entering the elevator, but he’s tricked into letting her go.  He’s taken out with an electric shock, and the Beetle is in the building.  The elevator Peter and Mary Jane were in starts to fall, but the emergency brakes kick in.  White Tiger was responsible for this.  White Tiger is taken out by the Bettle.  Mary Jane forces open the elevator and takes the stairs.  Peter tries to contact White Tiger, but gets no response.  They get up to Jameson’s office, and Peter can’t get a hold of anyone.  Peter’s Spider-sense goes off, and he quickly shoves her into a different room.  This happens to be Jameson’s office, and she starts her interview.  Spider-man tries to figure out how Beetle will come in, when he’s surprised by Beetle coming by elevator.  They fight, causing lots of destruction, which goes mostly unnoticed by Jameson and Mary Jane.  Eventually, the rest of the team shows up.  Using the same strategy as earlier, they think they’ve captured the Beetle, but he breaks out, and gets into Jameson’s office.  Spider-man stops Beetle from blowing up Jameson, and they take Beetle out.  Turns out, Jameson wasn’t in his office, and was speaking by video.  (more…)