They could have used this in the Thor movie

Whenever I don’t have a specific topic I want to write about, I peruse through my back issues, looking for something that amuses me.  Today, I found that something in Marvel vs. DC #2.  Behold Thor, son of Odin.

Now, isn’t that amazing.  Just look at all that majesty…and midriff.  Using this costume in the movie may have increased the number of female viewers, what will all that Chris Hemsworth abs action that would be going on.  Go ahead, you’ve got time to imagine it.  I’ll wait.

*waits patiently*

Finished?  Good.  Now, I only have one question about this costume.  WHAT THE HELL?!?!  Where did this costume come from.  At first, I thought it might have been the Heroes Reborn costume, but it isn’t.  That costume is far less midriffy.  Is this a Rob Liefeld design, because it kinda feels like one.  What with the useless non-mask, the ridiculous codpiece, the large number of useless straps.  Unrelated, throughout this issue, the strap on his right leg changes color from brown to grey numerous times.

So, if you have the answer to why this costume exists, please comment below.


One comment

  1. Actually, there’s something of a story behind that costume, but unfortunately I don’t completely recall the exact details. When I was coming up as a teenage comic lover, I had a sensei of sorts, my friend’s aunt, who I used to spend hours with talking about stuff going on in Marvel. It was her that impressed the “NO TAPE ON PLASTIC COVERS” rule into my mind.

    The reason I mention this is because I recall her being upset at the art in Marvel vs. DC and Thor’s costume in specific. I remember her being adamantly appalled that the artists had decided on that costume for Thor because the character himself never actually wore it. It was either an elseworld or a possible future or something. I just remember it being not what was intended on the thing.



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