Quote on Marvel’s shipping

2012 has been a frustrating year on my pocketbook, what with Marvel pushing out most of my monthly titles far more frequently than monthly.  A staggering lack of funds during the current crossover is the sole reason for the lack of eXaminations in recent weeks.

But as is usually the case, Mike Sterling, writer of the fantastic Progressive Ruin blog, sums it up far better than I could while talking about a recent flurry of Daredevil issues:

I don’t know you want to push your readers’ pocketbooks quite that much, especially with current economic conditions and with an audience base that’s looking for pretty much any reason to reduce their disposable income expenditures. Flooding the stands with consecutive issues of a series on what appears to be no set schedule is a good way to overwhelm your readership, and cause them to cut even titles they like if they think they can’t afford to keep up.

I mean, I get it. It’s a publishing and marketing strategy, designed to push other comics off the shelves, and force customers to devote more money to your popular “essential” titles while taking money away from your competitors’ titles (and hopefully not from too many of your own, though that inevitably happens). And it’s the kind of short term profiteering necessary in the current depressed comics marketplace, where you have to grab that money while it’s being shoved in your direction, as trying to build up a solid readership over an extended period of time takes, well, an extended period of time, and who has time to wait for that, amiright?

…That’s a long-winded way to say “I wish they’d stick to a schedule,” because cranking out a new issue of a series every one or two weeks causes my customers to increasingly groan “another new issue already?” even on titles they love. And that’s not an attitude anyone in this industry can afford to encourage.

I also have a thing about blowing through too much story too quickly is a direct cause of both companies so frequently washing over the status quo, but I’ll leave it at the lazy quote post for now.

But I do have to mention that I am on vacation from work this week which means there WILL BE A NEW CHUCK AUSTEN’S X-MEN THIS WEEK.  I promise.  Seriously.  It’s going to happen.  I mean it.  Trust me.  Please?


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