Marvel Universe – 7/22/12

Ultimate Spider-Man – “For Your Eye Only”
The show opens with a James Bond spoof, which transitioned to Spider-man goofing around the training room.  Nick Fury is upset that Spider-man isn’t taking things seriously, and Spider-man is being a jerk.  Spider-man arrives for another training mission on the Helicarrier the next day, only to find that Scorpio and the group The Zodiac have gained control of the Helicarrier.  Scorpio says Nick Fury is dead.  Spider-man is able to escape into the Helicarrier.  The Zodiac are downloading all of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s files.  Nick Fury contacts Spider-man, but Spider-man is too excited and gets a little too loud.  This alerts the Zodiac to his location.  During the ensuing fight, Spider-man is able to abort their download.  He’s able to escape inside the vents again, and Nick Fury tells him where he is.  Spider-man fights off fights off some Zodiac members and finds Nick Fury about to be sliced by a laser (ala Goldfinger).  Fury and Spider-man arm themselves, and fight their way through the Zodiac members.  While Spider-man fights them on the deck, Nick Fury uses an invisible device, and takes control of Helicarrier.  He makes it dive and submerge.  Nick Fury and Scorpio fight, but it is revealed that Scorpio is Nick’s brother Max.  Scorpio escapes as Nick Fury deactivates the self-destruct sequence. 

The Avengers:  Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – “Along Came a Spider”
Tony Stark confronts J. Jonah Jameson about calling Captain America a traitor, even though he’s been told the truth.  Jameson says that he’ll only print it if he himself can see the alien.  Stark says they can at most have an interview with Captain America.  Jameson sends Brandt and Peter Parker to interview him.  Outside of the temporary S.H.I.E.L.D. complex, there are protestors calling Captain a traitor.  The interview takes place during a prisoner transfer.  Captain America doesn’t really have much to say about things, when the transport is attacked by the Serpent Society.  They want to free Viper and Cobra.  Spider-man joins the fight.  Something happens that causes the ground to crumble beneath them.  They end up in the sewers.  Spider-man and Captain America try to help people stranded on a subway, but the people don’t trust either of them.  Spider-man tries to defend Captain America, but he tells him to drop it.  Spider-man senses something, and warns Captain America.  He asks Captain why he won’t defend himself, and Captain tells him that it doesn’t matter what people say about him, only what he does.  The group is again confronted by the Serpent Society.  Captain America and Spider-man try to fight them off, while Agent Quartermain takes the civilians away.  But they run into problems, so Captain sends Spider-man to help.  The tunnel starts to collapse, and Spider-man has to hold it up.  Captain America is left to fight the Society.  He’s in trouble until the civilians start throwing rocks at the Society, which allows Captain America to fight back.  The Society retreats, and Spider-man is able to hold on until the Avengers show up to help.

I haven’t been writing many of my thoughts on these shows, because really they haven’t changed.  But these two episodes were a good glimpse at what you could potentially have.  Ultimate Spider-man was an episode written by Brian Michael Bendis.  The episode still retained a lot of the silly stuff you find every week, but there was always a point to them this episode.  Well, with the exception of the the re-gifting gag.  And then there was The Avengers, which is being replaced by a show that is supposedly going to be in line with Ultimate Spider-man.  And that’s a shame, because this show is wonderful.  But anyways, this episode essentially had the Spider-man from Ultimate Spider-man, and it worked.  It showed that Ultimate Spider-man could exist within this universe that has already been created.  But oh well.


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