The death of my line of $2.99

It’s becoming more and more apparent to me that my days of paying $2.99 for an X-Men comic is coming to a close.

Of my current eight monthly* titles, three of them – New Mutants, X-Factor, X-Men: Legacy – are still holding their old $2.99 price tag.  One of them (New Mutants) is about to end and another (X-Men: Legacy) is about to get a brand new renumbering scheme, as are many of the Marvel books**.  With the new X-Men: Legacy #1 comes a dollar jump in the price, though absolutely no added content whatsoever to justify the new price.  In fact, the book is being retooled into a title featuring Legion, which means I will not be buying it.***

The September solicitations have Astonishing X-Men listed at $2.99, so we’ll see if that one stays consistent.  Would be nice.

I do have to say this, though.  At even a dollar less, X-Factor is a steal compared to some of the other slop Marvel tosses out at $3.99.  It’s truly a gem.

* – Calling a Marvel title “monthly” is laughable, as my titles have been coming out 2-3 issues a month for over a year now with no end to it in sight.

** – Just because Marvel is ending several books’ numbering and restarting with new issue #1’s, that should not be seen as an attempt to hit the success that DC got with its “New 52”.  It’s just a coincidence.  Really.

*** – Marvel has done me a huge favor by ending X-Men Legacy’s numbering and restarting it with a higher price and unappealing theme.  As a completist who owns all of the nearly 300 issues of the book since its launch in 1991, I normally would feel obligated to continue a title’s run even into less enjoyable times.  With its renumbering, Marvel has given me the perfect “jumping off” point that I can keep my anal retentive persona happy while not getting a title I’m uninterested in.


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