Marvel Universe – 7/29/12

Ultimate Spider-man – “Beetle Mania”
The team fights an “improved” Trapster (bigger glue guns).  Working together, they easily trap the Trapster.  Nick Fury is impressed with the team, and gives them their first sanctioned S.H.I.E.L.D. mission.  It is to protect J. Jonah Jameson from the Beetle.  In his news segments, Jameson says he has been threatened for exposing the Beetle, and doesn’t want protection.  The team is on lookout at the Daily Bugle building, when Mary Jane calls Peter Parker and tells him that she is entering the Daily Bugle right now for an interview with Jameson.  Peter comes up on Mary Jane, and tries to convince her to not go in.  Failing, he says that he’s going in with her.  At the entrance of the building, Power Man and Iron Fist try to stop her, but she threatens them with an expose and enters anyway.  Those two are then taken out with a gas from a mini-beetle.  Inside, Nova tries to stop her from entering the elevator, but he’s tricked into letting her go.  He’s taken out with an electric shock, and the Beetle is in the building.  The elevator Peter and Mary Jane were in starts to fall, but the emergency brakes kick in.  White Tiger was responsible for this.  White Tiger is taken out by the Bettle.  Mary Jane forces open the elevator and takes the stairs.  Peter tries to contact White Tiger, but gets no response.  They get up to Jameson’s office, and Peter can’t get a hold of anyone.  Peter’s Spider-sense goes off, and he quickly shoves her into a different room.  This happens to be Jameson’s office, and she starts her interview.  Spider-man tries to figure out how Beetle will come in, when he’s surprised by Beetle coming by elevator.  They fight, causing lots of destruction, which goes mostly unnoticed by Jameson and Mary Jane.  Eventually, the rest of the team shows up.  Using the same strategy as earlier, they think they’ve captured the Beetle, but he breaks out, and gets into Jameson’s office.  Spider-man stops Beetle from blowing up Jameson, and they take Beetle out.  Turns out, Jameson wasn’t in his office, and was speaking by video. 

The Avengers:  Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – “Behold…the Vision”
A security team at Weapon X headquarters tries to stop The Vision, but their weapons have not effect on him.  Vision reports in that he’s reached the goal of Adamantium, and his next stop is Avengers Mansion.  The Avengers are in Wakanda, hoping that the Wakandians can repair his shield.  Captain America asks Black Panther to rejoin the team.  Black Panther questions who is leading the team, and Captain America tries to convince him that the Avengers are needed.  Black Panther says his duty is to his people, and declines.  Jan Van Dyne and Jane Foster are watching a horror movie while Jane patches Jan up.  The Vision comes in, and attacks The Wasp when she won’t give up the location of Captain America’s shield.  Jane gives up the location of the shield to save The Wasp.  Vision collapses a section of the house and leaves.  In Wakanda, Hawkeye gets a bit irritated with Black Panther, but is taken out before he actually issued a challenge for his throne.  A Quinjet arrives in Wakanda.  Thor goes in to investigate but doesn’t find anything.  The Vision appears behind him, and reaches inside Thor’s chest, knocking him back out of the jet.  They try to attack Vision, but it has not effect.  Vision then makes his way towards the Vibranium mines, easily eliminating the opposition.  Back in the mansion, Jane survived the collapse, but The Wasp is knocked out.  Thor, Captain America, and Black Panther confront Vision in the mines, and make a little headway against him, but he still gets the best of them, and collapses the mine.  He learns the location of the shield and goes to acquire it.  There, Hawkeye confronts him.  The Wasp comes to and tries to contact Captain America, but doesn’t get a response.  Hawkeye has no success against him.  Thor, Captain America, and Black Panther get out of the mine to rejoin the fight.  Thor and Captain America distract Vision long enough for Black Panther to finish recombining the shield.  Vision reached in for it, but this injured him, causing him to malfunction.  This allows them to defeat Vision.  However, Vision is able to escape.  The Vision returned to his master, Ultron.  Ultron says that he’s going to use the Adamantium that Vision acquired to make himself indestructible.

Yes, doing some thoughts for this week because it was a good. week.  Wish I had watched it when it initially aired.  Ultimate Spider-man was actually funny.  I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.  Also noticed two “headlines” that scrolled during one of the news segments.  They were “Life not all about smashing – an in depth interview with the Hulk” and “Snow in July? Storm has no comment.”  It was just an enjoyable episode.  And then Avengers introduced Vision, one of my 3 favorite Marvel characters.  And the Vision kicked some ass.  It was awesome.


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