Marvel Universe – 8/5/12

Ultimate Spider-man – “Snow Day”
Peter Parker is awoken by an emergency message from Nova, and stumbles into his costume.  When he opens the window, he’s pelted by the other team members with snow balls.  Since school’s closed because of a snow day, Agent Coulson wants the team to report for a special cold weather survival training.  Instead, they go to a tropical island that Nova found in S.H.I.E.L.D. database.  As they’re having fun in the water, they don’t see the Sandman on the beach.  They somewhat wonder why this place was in the database, but don’t put too much thought into it.  Peter’s Spider-sense tingles, but again, he doesn’t payy any attention to it.  When he loses a volleyball, Peter goes into the jungle to find it.  He comes running out when something scares him.  A kid named Sandy walks out with the ball, and says his family lives everywhere on the island.  The team gets into costume, and searches for Sandy.  During which, they run into Flint, who looks like an older version of Sandy.  Suddenly, ruins appear before them.  They decide to make a tactical retreat, but Sandy confronts them.  He moves their plane to the top of the ruins.  Sandy and Flint both attack them.  Sandy and Flint create a maze, and separates the team.  Whithin the maze, a third, older Sandman appears.  Power Man and Spider-man find some heiroglyphics that describe how Flint became Sandman, and was left on the island by Nick Fury.  They finally figure out that the boy was just an imaginary friend created by Flint.  The team is able to make it to the ship, but White Tiger can’t get it started.  Nova lifts the ship off of the ruins, until the engines are able to fire.  On their approach, Fury has other planes escort them to a different location, because he isn’t certain that Flint was left behind.  Spider-man starts emptying sand from his costume, and it turns out that Flint is on board with them.  He gets inside the controls, and shorts them out.  They are able to at least guide themselves to crash in a frozen over Hudson River.  Flint is making his way to the mainland, and the team is unable to stop him.  Spider-man gets the idea to have Nova super heat Flint and turns him into glass.  Fury moves Flint into a continuously moving containment chamber. 

The Avengers:  Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – “Assault on 42”
Captain America, The Wasp, Thor, and Captain Marvel transport Whirlwind to the prison 42, located in the Neutral Zone.  As they put Whirlwind in his cell, The Leader freaks out and says “they’re coming.”  The power flickers again.  Agent Quartermain takes the Avengers to a conference room, and tells them that they have found something outside.  Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Quartermain check out a power disruption, and find that something something dug it’s way in.  Another agent with Thor and The Wasp find some creature, but it quickly scurries away.  They all get a call from the control room, and find that it was attacked by a bug who took the Warden.  Quartermain tells them that they are stuck there until the next guard shift comes.  More of the bugs attack the prison, and one carries off the Warden outside.  Thor and Captain Marvel follow it, but find a swarm of bugs on the way.  Wasp and Captain America take refuge inside the mess hall, while Thor and Captain Marvel are overwhelmed outside.  The mess hall doors are knocked down, but it’s Thor and Captain Marvel.  The bugs are circling around outside, not attacking.  Desperate, Captain Marvel appeals to the prisoners for assistance.  Some prisoners join up, and Captain America forms a plan.  The bugs enter and fight Captain America’s group.  The bugs stop their attack when their leader shows up, and it blows back Captain’s group.  The Leader, who’s been freaking out the entire time, says that its name is Annihilus.  Abomination and The Leader leave the group, and head toward the gateway.  The Leader breaks into the control room, and tells Captain Marvel that they’re not trying to escape, he’s going to disrupt Annihilus’ energy shield.  It works, and they are able to take him down, and break the staff he was using to control the bugs.  The bugs then turn on him, and carry him off.

A bit of a step backwards this week for both shows.  Then again, the previous episodes were very good, so I guess things weren’t too bad.  I’m starting to become less annoyed with Ultimate Spider-man again.  Not sure if they’re toning it down some, or if I’ve just gotten used to it.

You also may have noticed that I’ve stopped writing about the short segments during the commercial breaks.  That’s because I can’t remember the last time they did a new one.  It’s like they prepared 6 or 7 and thought, “yeah, that should be fine for a 25 episode season.”


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