Young Justice: Invasion – “Depths”

Young Justice:  Invasion – “Depths”
March 19.  G. Gordon Godfrey is saying on his show that he’s upset that they’re setting up a satellite to contact aliens.  Wally West isn’t happy that Artemis is suiting back up for one mission.  Later that night, Nightwing is shown doing CPR on Artemis, then proclaiming her to be dead.  Ten hours earlier.  Nightwing is giving Superboy an update on Bart Allen, but Superboy walks out when Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy come in.  Thankfully for him, Artemis comes in, and Nightwing gives them their mission.  They are to protect the satellite launch.  At a press conference, Godfrey questions Carol Ferris why they should communicate when they are being invaded.  Martian Manhunter says that this is mutually beneficial.  Martian Manhunter flies off with Superman, much to Godfrey’s chagrin.  Turns out, Manhunter was Miss Martian, and Superman was Superboy.  Nightwing and Artemis are on lookout, while Lagoon Boy is in the water, off the coast.  He spots a ship coming in under the water.  Nightwing thanks Artemis for coming, even though Wally isn’t happy about it because Artemis may find that she misses the life. 

Miss Martian and Superboy have a fight, revealing that he broke up with her because he was unhappy with the way she was pulling information from people, and that she then tried to take the memory from his mind.  Lagoon Boy gets frustrated with Superboy being on the mission, and attacks Black Manta’s forces by himself, against Nightwing’s orders.  Miss Martian goes to help Lagoon Boy, while Superboy pilots the bioship to try to provide cover for Artemis and Nightwing.  Black Manta takes out Lagoon Boy, and has a missile launched at the satellite launch.  Superboy is able to destroy the missile before it hits the rocket.  Carol orders the launch countdown moved up.  Black Manta (Aqualad, remember) orders all missiles fired, and says he will take charge of the ground assault.  Nightwing and Artemis fight off his forces, but he arrives.  Miss Martian is able to turn one of their missiles on them, and destroys their launcher.  However, this allows Manta’s forces to escape with Lagoon Boy.  In fighting Black Manta, Artemis is stabbed with one of his water swords.  The Ferris rocket blows up for some reason, and Black Manta leaves.  Nightwing tries to revive Artemis, but is unable to.  Black Manta returns to his father, also Black Manta, and finds out that his father had a bomb installed, and wanted to see if he would take credit for something that he didn’t do.  This was his last test, and he passed.  Back at the cave, everyone is mourning, while Nightwing tells Wally.  Nightwing is to meet Wally, but Aqualad shows up, followed by Wally and Artemis.  It’s revealed that Aqualad has been working undercover to find out who Black Manta is working for.  Nightwing gives Artemis a charm created by Zatanna so that she appears as someone else to everyone but the four of them.

Okay, I take back my anger about not showing why Aqualad had gone evil.  My bad.  I honestly did not see the ending coming, because I have no doubt that someone could die on this show.  And this episode also gave us the reason why Miss Martian and Superboy are no longer a couple.  It was a nice continuation from where Miss Martian had been at the end of Season 1.


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