Month: October 2012

Superman and his “super” hearing

This was in Superman #13, written by Scott Lobdell and drawn by Kenneth Rocafort.  It was not good, but that’s not what this little entry is about.  It is about being consistent within a single issue.  Sure, it was kind of odd to see Clark Kent just go off on a rant and essentially quit his job at the Daily Planet, but whatever.  It’s the New 52.  Clark doesn’t have to be mild-mannered.  No, this entry is not about that odd moment in the issue.  Neither is it about Superman working out for 5 days, bench pressing what amounts to the weight of the world.  Instead, this is about Superman’s “super” hearing.  Near the middle of the issue, this panel happens.

Yes, that is Superman’s “super” hearing that is so good, it’s able to work as sonar and create a vague image of a creature that has appeared in Metrolpolis.  And normally, I’d just shrug my shoulders and move on with something like this.  But this was not a normal issue.  Earlier in the issue, this happened.  (more…)


Just one of those days

Have you ever had one of those days when you’re just hanging out with your best gal and her baby bro and suddenly your friend sends you a signal alert to action?

Sure you have.  You run to the door but realize that the nuclear lock on it is stuck!

But rather than having your girl’s brother try to burn it open and blow up the building, you’ll just reach under the door and start feeling around trying to find your car and move it around to the window to get going.

Oh, couldn’t find the car?  That’s okay – the boy figured out how to make fire without heat and burned open your nuclear door, but you decided not to use the car anyway and just go running about.

Oh, the Silver Age.
(From Fantastic Four #10)

Odd thoughts on DC’s cancellations

Last week, DC announced that Blue Beetle, Grifter, Legion Lost, and Frankenstein:  Agent of S.H.A.D.E. would be ending in January.  Now, I don’t collect any of these books, and part of me was sad that two of the low selling books I do collect, The Fury of Firestorm and Demon Knights, weren’t on that last.  That’s not normal, right?

Now don’t get me wrong, I still love each of those books and will continue reading them until the day they die.  But, part of me also wants to shrink my pull list a little bit, and I lack the willpower to give the axe to anything.  (Don’t get too comfortable Superman.)  But let’s look at each book to see why I’m shocked (shocked, I say) that they haven’t gotten the boot already.

The Fury of Firestorm, up to the zero issue, has been an origin story, telling how Ronnie Raymond (a name Stan Lee could admire) and Jason Rusch become Firestorm.  It was a nice story of them dealing with other Firestorm protocols, which ended at issue #12.  The #0 issue set up the status quo for them, and presented the Firestorm that will interact with the rest of the DC Universe.  It was a nice, neat ending to the opening story arc.  Not only that, but there’s a new writer on the book starting this month.  Dan Jurgens will be writing and drawing the book.  Now, Jurgens is fine on writing duties, but in recent years, he’s been somewhat of a placeholder on books.  So, that makes me wonder what exactly his purpose on Firestorm is.  Is he there to keep the book going until they get someone to stay on the book long term, or is he there to get Firestorm to a specific point before they cancel the book?

Next up is Demon Knights.  This one is a bit of a different situation.  They are currently in the middle of a storyline in which everyone has been sent to Hell.  But in January, Paul Cornell leaves the book, and Robert Venditti comes onto it.  And the story takes place 30 years after issue #15.  So, it seems like it would have been a great time to end the book.

But this is all just my irrational, nonsensical thinking.  I should be happy that two books I’m enjoying have survived the axe for yet another round of cancellations.  Maybe I’m just trying to make sense of how DC decides what to cancel and what to keep.

The Walking Recap – “Seed”

Here we are with the premiere of season 3.  We last left the group with them just camping out on the side of the road, after all hell had broken loose on the farm.  In between seasons, the winter season finished, and the group has been traveling continuously looking for safe shelter.  I won’t have the usual play-by play at the end of this article, because I didn’t have my laptop with me as I watched this episode, but that’s alright.  Not a whole lot of different things happened.  Sure, it was a good, full episode, but extended action sequences make the recapping portion much easier.  Some spoilers below.

After accepting that going from house to house looking for shelter isn’t going to work, the group stumbles upon a prison.  Rick believes that if the prison was taken over early, there may still be plenty of provisions inside.  The only problem is, the prison is overrun by walkers.  But, that’s not really a problem.  The group is able to shoot the walkers in one fenced in area, as Rick runs through them to close off a gate to separate this yard.  It’d be a walker massacre, except I’m not certain you can massacre something that’s already dead.  They secure the yard, but Rick’s not satisfied.  He leads a group further inside, and secures another section of the prison area and a cell block for the group to call home.  Still not content, Rick leads a group to look for the cafeteria and infirmary.  On this trip however, Hershel gets bitten on the ankle.  They take him to what seems to be the cafeteria, and Rick hacks off his lower leg, in hopes of stopping the infection from spreading.  There, they find four inmates that were holed up.  In a town, Michone has been taking care of Andrea, who’s been sick, but they decide that they need to leave.

This was an episode for everyone that believed there hasn’t been enough zombie killing in the series, because this episode was mostly gruesome zombie killing.  There were some character moments thrown in.  Carol “jokingly” propositioned Daryl.  Lori told Hershel that she’s worried about her baby possibly being miscarried and turning into a walker inside her.  Personally, I think that would be an awesome way of killing her off.  She’s also worried about dying during childbirth, and turning and attacking the baby.  Not as awesome.  I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t like Lori.  And Rick is on the edge of snapping.  He’s walking along the cliff, feeling responsible for everyone and exhausted.

The hacking off of Hershel’s leg was brutal.  All Rick had was a small hatchet, and it took several attempts to finally do it.  I just cringed with every shot.  And to go from that, to the inmates looking at them, and *poof* episode over.  Damn, I hate cliffhangers.  I should just watch full seasons at a time, but gosh darn it, I want to see it as soon as I can.  It’s quite a conundrum.

As for the rest of season 3, it’ll likely include lots of zombie killing as they continue to secure the prison, but what’s really interesting is what is going to happen with the Governor.  He’s only appeared in teasers, but it looks like Michone and Andrea are the ones that find him.

See you next week.

Arrow – “Pilot”

This was the series premiere of Arrow on the CW Network, and apparently, I wasn’t the only person looking forward to it.  This premiere was the most watched show on the network in 3 years.  But, I’m not here to talk about that.  I’m here to discuss whether or not the show was any good.  This week’s episode is titled “Pilot,” since it was just the pilot (first) episode of the series.  It has nothing to do with pilots or airplanes, but I digress.

Oliver Queen has been stranded on a deserted island for 5 years.*  One day, and ship happens by, and he’s rescued.  With his return home, he has a new mission to write the wrongs that his father confessed to him before dying.  The first task is dealing with a businessman named Adam Hunt.  Hunt just happens to be who Laurel Lance, Oliver’s ex-girlfriend, is trying to prosecute in the DA’s office.  Oliver also begins learning about what has changed in the past 5 years:  mother re-married, sister on drugs, city in decay.  With the help of his friend Tommy, Oliver tries to restart his “playboy” lifestyle, but this is just a cover for his Arrow persona.

Overall, I liked it.  The show had a serious, emotional tone, without being melodramatic.  It was a good first episode.  You get a sense of the person Oliver was before the shipwreck, and who he is upon returning.  There are quick introductions for the supporting cast, but enough to get a sense of who they, and what their relationship, past and present, to Oliver is.

I will admit, when this show was announced, I did want Justin Hartley to play Oliver Queen.  But, I understand why they went with Stephen Amell.  Using Hartley, who was Oliver Queen on Smallville, as good as he was, would have made this show simply a Smallville spinoff.  Plus, there is no development left with Hartley’s character.  He’s already established himself, has done what he’s needed to do, and is just continuing the good fight.  Whereas starting fresh allows them to tell a fuller story, with all of the character developments they want to thrown in there.

The only thing in the episode that really bugged me, was during a stunt sequence, they twice cut to a camera that looked to be on Oliver’s shoulder.  It didn’t last very long, but it was a very weird thing to do.  But, that’s the biggest complaint I have at the moment.  See you next week.

If you want a more complete description of the episode, complete with spoilers, continue after the break.  (more…)

New Action Comics Creative Team

It had been announced previously that Grant Morrison would be ending his run on Action Comics with issue #16.  (I think, though it may be #17.)  Today, DC has announced that Andy Diggle would be the new writer starting with issue #18.  Also, joining him on art duties is Tony Daniel, who just recently left Detective Comics.

This news makes me happy.  I was a bit worried about the quality of Action Comics post-Morrison, and I’d hate to be tempted to drop both Superman titles.  (Haven’t actually dropped Superman yet, but it’s on notice.)  Granted, I haven’t read a lot of stuff by Diggle, (should probably get around to finishing The Losers Vol. 1) I haven enjoyed what I’ve read.  (That includes the aforementioned partially read volume of The Losers and Green Arrow:  Year One.)  And I have heard good things about his work at Marvel.  So, there’s hope.  And I do like Tony Daniel’s art.  His art is something that works better with an action-y book.

In the linked interview, Diggle did say that he’d be exploring Clark’s relationship with Lois Lane.  Because, you know, Wonder Woman and Superman kissing sends Lois to the background, never to be seen from again, because the only possible role that she can ever hold is the title of Superman’s girlfriend.  (/sarcasm)  Uh oh, I feel a rant coming on, but that’s not what this post is about.  So, I’m going to wrap things up, and say that I am looking forward to Andy Diggle being the new ongoing writer for Action Comics.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – “Turtle Temper”

Today’s episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is titled “Turtle Temper.”  In it, Raphael must learn to not let his temper get the best of him when he is provoked.  There are spoilers past this point.

The Turtles are on a stakeout, looking for the Krang.  They get discovered on the roof, but a building pennant, who angers Raphael, and draws him into an argument.  Distracted by the argument, they are surprised by several Krangs.  While the Turtles are fighting the Krangs, the building tenant takes video of them fighting.  The guy gets away because the Turtles had to leave.  Splinter gets on Raphael for getting into an argument with the man, because it jeopardized the mission and got them caught on camera.  Splinter has them do an exercise shooting practice arrows at Raphael.  He avoids them easily the first time, but when Splinter has everyone also insult Raphael, he’s not able to avoid any arrows.  Splinter tells him that he has to use reason and not force to get the video back.  They approach the guy, and ask for the video back.  The guy asks for a million dollars.  Raphael again loses his temper, and it alerts some Krang to them.  During the fight, Raphael takes off after the guy and ends up in the back of Krangs van.  Eventually, Raphael gets thrown from the truck.  (more…)