Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – “Turtle Temper”

Today’s episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is titled “Turtle Temper.”  In it, Raphael must learn to not let his temper get the best of him when he is provoked.  There are spoilers past this point.

The Turtles are on a stakeout, looking for the Krang.  They get discovered on the roof, but a building pennant, who angers Raphael, and draws him into an argument.  Distracted by the argument, they are surprised by several Krangs.  While the Turtles are fighting the Krangs, the building tenant takes video of them fighting.  The guy gets away because the Turtles had to leave.  Splinter gets on Raphael for getting into an argument with the man, because it jeopardized the mission and got them caught on camera.  Splinter has them do an exercise shooting practice arrows at Raphael.  He avoids them easily the first time, but when Splinter has everyone also insult Raphael, he’s not able to avoid any arrows.  Splinter tells him that he has to use reason and not force to get the video back.  They approach the guy, and ask for the video back.  The guy asks for a million dollars.  Raphael again loses his temper, and it alerts some Krang to them.  During the fight, Raphael takes off after the guy and ends up in the back of Krangs van.  Eventually, Raphael gets thrown from the truck. 

Leonardo gets on Raphael for leaving the fight in order to go yell at the guy.  They tell Raphael to go home, because they can’t trust him in a fight.  Raphael is venting to his pet turtle Spike, when Splinter comes in.  He tells a story involving Oroku Saki insulting him in front of Teng Shin.  Splinter says he didn’t feel like the insults could go unpunished, so he fought back.  Their rivalry grew until Oroku Saki killed Teng Shin.  Raphael says that it wasn’t Splinter’s fault, but Splinter tells him it was because he could have just ignored the words.  The other Turtles sneak into the Krangs hideout.  The guy is trying to negotiate with them about buying the video.  The Turtles are trying to sneak him away, but he alerts the Krangs when he says he’s not leaving without his phone.  During the fight, as the guy goes for his phone, he gets hit with ooze, and is mutated into a spider thingy, whom Michelangelo names Spiderbites.  Raphael shows up during the fight.  Spiderbites is insulting Raphael, but Raphael remembers to not fight angry, and calms himself down.  They defeat Spiderbites, but he runs off.

Not only was this another entertaining episode, but there’s a moral to the story.  That moral is “don’t do things out of anger, even when the person is trying to make you angry.”  And this continues when they turn into a giant monster, because really, they were always a monster on the inside.  And this really is an important lesson to know.  Anger clouds judgement.  Of course, so does love, but that’s beside the point.

I do wonder how often we are going to get the Turtles meeting a terrible person, and then that person is turned into an ooze-monster.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing, it just reminds me of Smallville.  In the early season, most episodes were Clark Kent facing off against someone that became a horrible person because of Kryptonite.  But anyways, I think it would be a good idea to show a good person getting hit with ooze, and them not become a monster.  It’d be a nice twist to show that the ooze just really brings out what’s inside of you.

I also really like that Raphael has a pet turtle.  Although, really it’s like an X-Man having a pet human, which I’m pretty sure wouldn’t be as adorable.  But there was a funny moment involving this pet turtle.  Raphael is venting to it, and tells him to chew on a leaf if he understands.  Of course Spike takes a bite of the leaf.  Splinter comes in, and wants to tell Raphael a story, but Raphael isn’t interested.  So, Splinter asks Spike to chew on a leaf if he’s interested in hearing a story, and of course, Spike takes a bit of the leaf.  So, Splinter starts his story.


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